Wow, wasn’t the joy of New Zealand’s middle-class left for state violence in Parliament surprising?



I don’t have time for these crazy protesters – they’re a collection of insane Facebook hate algorithms looking for a burnt book – BUT economic mandates hurt them the most and they have a right to protest – even if the protest is angry and offensive but right now Trev threw a tantrum and aired a 10 hour live recruiting video for every grudge anarchist – he radicalizes this to a dangerous level and only extreme police brutality will make them disappear BECAUSE OF HIS ACTIONS!

It’s the Speaker of the House playing little psychological dictatorship games with a crowd he’s inflaming – WHERE ARE THE FUCKING ADULTS?

Why is this jerk with anger management issues still allowed to start a riot???

Jesus cried – when will he start playing with screaming bunnies on repeat! It’s borderline psychological torture now – why on earth is the man child throwing a tantrum with a long history of anger management issues still allowed to keep provoking things?

The question any Labor apologist defending Trev’s Twitter madness has to ask is: what level of police brutality are you supporting to force those lunatics he radicalized off the lawn?

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Watching Woke Twitter applaud his senseless provocation and radicalization is breathtaking!

Remember – on NZ Tribal Left Twitter – IT’S NEVER TREV’S FAULT!

Trev could be ordering police to taser kids and throw dogs at old people right now and NZ Tribal Left Twitter would blame protesters for having kids and knowing old people!

I never thought I would get to the point in New Zealand politics where I would stop the left from calling on the state to crush its people – I always thought that was a threat from the right!

If you’re on the left and see no problem with what Trev’s actions are creating, you’re part of the problem!

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