Woody Harrelson: I am an anarchist



Who needs the government? Actor Woody Harrelson said we would be “very good” without it in the latest issue of Details magazine:

DETAILS: You said playing cop made you more sympathetic to the police. Does playing Steve Schmidt in Game change make you sympathetic to republicans?
Woody Harrelson: I love Steve Schmidt. But I tend to dislike politicians, because it’s a subtle form of prostitution. Or maybe not so subtle.

DETAILS: So you don’t love Democrats as much as you don’t love the GOP?
Woody Harrelson: It’s synchronized swimming for me. They all kneel down and kiss the ring. Who will face the oil industry or the medical industry? People compare Obama to Lyndon Johnson, but I think a better comparison is between Obama and Nixon. Because Nixon came to power saying he was going to withdraw from Vietnam, and then he escalated the war. Many of us have been led to believe that Obama was the president of peace, but there are still, I think, 70,000 troops in Afghanistan. Companies like Grumman are so powerful that — I don’t know, is that the kind of thing we want to talk about? It makes me depressed.

DETAILS: Do you want to get more involved in politics?
Woody Harrelson: No, I don’t believe in politics. I’m an anarchist I guess you could tell. I think people could take good care of themselves.

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