Woman, self-proclaimed anarchist, accused of destroying Trump signs



Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly reminds people to be respectful after a woman was arrested this weekend when an MP saw her destroying Trump political signs in Palm Coast, according to a press release and a body camera video.

Staly said in the press release that the sheriff’s office has had “sporadic reports of vandalism and theft of political signs by all parties.”

“Emotions are running high this election season, but it’s almost over,” Staly said in the press release. “Overall, the community has done a good job respecting the beliefs and opinions of others. Please continue to do so. “

Tonya McRae, 42, who described herself as an anarchist and was listed as a passing person in the police report, was charged with criminal mischief and providing law enforcement with a false name, two misdemeanors. McRae was held in Flagler County Jail where she was being held on $ 500 bond.

Tonya McRae

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McRae was arrested around 4 p.m. Saturday when a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy spotted her at the southwest corner of Colbert Lane and Palm Coast Parkway destroying political signs, according to a report.

The deputy stopped and asked her what she was doing and McRae replied that she was “tired of the lies”, according to the report.

A small “Women for Trump” sign sat on the floor and a small “Trump Pence” sign was crumpled and torn, according to the report.

A larger “Trump Pence” sign had a crease where McRae hit the sign, according to the report.

The political signs were on private property and a no trespassing sign was also displayed.

McRae described herself as a revolutionary and said she had never had any problems before, according to the body camera video. She tells the MP that she “acted on impulse.”

“I kind of broke,” McRae said on the video.

The damage to the panels was estimated at less than $ 200, according to the report.

Staly has stated that destroying or stealing a campaign sign is the same as destroying or stealing someone else’s property.

Staly said in the statement: “The best way to show your opinion is to vote tomorrow, not to destroy property.”



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