What are the main challenges for cybersecurity professionals heading into 2022?


Tripwire recently conducted a series of surveys and interviews to understand IT professionals who manage security in their organization. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing, new challenges are rapidly emerging and new threats have emerged, especially throughout the pandemic. We were curious about some of the challenges faced by security professionals in the course of their work. We were particularly interested in small and medium-sized businesses, entities that often don’t have the budgets or resources to deal with cybersecurity threats.

Through our surveys, we gained deeper insights into security budgets at different companies as well as who security professionals are as people, what they care about, and what security initiatives they hope to achieve. for their business. Here are some of our findings.

When it comes to safety, recommendations are essential

When deciding which security products to look for, security professionals rely on product reviews offered by well-known blogs and articles. However, recommendations, whether from friends, colleagues, or known experts in the field, are also considered valuable. We also asked about using social media platforms for career advancement, such as reading articles, watching product demos, and keeping up to date with industry news.

LinkedIn was the most used and trusted social media platform, while many respondents mentioned Gartner as the first step in finding the security solutions they should consider.

“Sometimes I just go to LinkedIn. Maybe my friends are using another security company, then I’ll check. Aside from LinkedIn, consulting Gartner is the easiest way to go. Gartner reviews what is the best event handling, what is the next best firewall, and more. Gartner gives a very comprehensive review of these types of products. And recommendations from friends when I meet them. Security analyst in an ETI (Read more…)


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