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Across the anarchist and left-wing publishing industry, a number of books will come out over the next few months on the subject of anarchism and may be worth watching. Some titles, especially from AK and PM, will be released in ebook format but may not initially be available in paperbacks, depending on shipping and launch schedules. Approximate paperback prices are included for reference only.


defeat capitalism (ISBN 978-1849354707, 400pp, £16.78, AK) by Tom Wetzel attempts to rework the strategies of labor movements for the 21st century. Rejecting the “peace” that has characterized decades of slow retreat, he instead looks to libertarian socialism and the empowerment of grassroots activists for inspiration.

Islam and anarchism: relations and resonances (ISBN 978-0745341927, 352 pages, £19.99, Pluto) by Mohamed Abdou makes an original attempt to draw on both Islamic and anarchist texts to argue for the possibilities of an anti-authoritarian interpretation and spirituality of his religion.


Disaster Anarchy: Mutual Aid and Radical Action (ISBN: 978-0745340456, 256pp, £19.99, Pluto) by Rhiannon Firth examines anarchist responses to major disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and Covid-19. Governments have repeatedly been left behind in crisis situations in recent years, with mutual aid and solidarity solutions filling the gaps to great effect, often surprising the mainstream.


War and peace (ISBN 978-1849354684, 625pp, £21.61, AK) is one of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon’s best but perhaps least known books in the English-speaking world. This translation aims to open both our understanding of Proudhon’s mature works as well as a window into mid-19th century international relations and the history of international thought.

The modern crisis (ISBN 978-1849354462, 196pp, £12.20, AK) by Murray Bookchin reprints four key essays by the influential and forward-thinking social ecologist dealing with a looming ecological and social catastrophe that has only come closer since his death .

Anarchic Agreements: A Field Guide to Collective Organizing (ISBN 978-1629639635, 128pp, £12.16, PM) is a collective work with Ruth Kinna, Alex Prichard, Thomas Swann and Seeds for Change. Aiming to be “a quintessential field guide to revolution,” it focuses on practical, everyday insights into how leaderless groups operate, balance power, and sustain themselves.


Class Images: Operaismo, Autonomia and the Visual Arts, 1962-1988 (ISBN 978-1839765292, 448pp, £25, Verso) by Jacopo Galimberti examines the influence of workerism and autonomy on visual artists such as Archizoom members Gordon Matta-Clark and Gianfranco Baruchello. This book focuses on the aesthetic and cultural discourse developed by three generations of activists (including Mario Tronti, Antonio Negri, Bifo and Silvia Federici), and its appropriation by artists, architects, graphic designers and architectural historians such as Manfredo Tafuri .


Practical Anarchism: A Guide to Everyday Life (ISBN: 978-0745344928, 160pp, £14.99, Pluto) by Scott Branson examines the large and small ways in which anarchists operate and frame their lives. Branson offers plenty of practical tips and suggestions for all ages.

No Pasaran! Antifascist dispatches from a world in crisis (ISBN 978-1849354820, £18.99, AK) by Shane Burley is published as a joint project with the Institute for Anarchist Studies, and is expected to be a sizable volume with 30 chapters by a wide selection of writers, including Talia Lavin, David Renton, Kim Kelly, Geo Maher and many more.


abolitionist revolution (ISBN: 978-0745346519, 192pp, £14.99, Pluto) by Aviah Sarah Day and Shanice Octavia McBean is a historical, theoretical and practical guide to revolutionary abolitionist politics in Britain. The authors trace the evolution of policing and criminalization from its colonial roots to its contemporary expression, as found in drug prevention and control laws targeting black communities. They also illustrate a rich history of popular resistance.

The State is the Enemy: Essays on Liberation and Racial Justice (978-1629639680, 192pp, £16, PM) by James Kelman comprises 16 essays exposing government brutality against all those deemed ‘lower order’. Drawing parallels between Turkish state atrocities against Kurds and racist police brutality, and government-sanctioned killings in the UK, Kelman shatters the myth of Western exceptionalism.

Active distribution Also releasing three new titles this year, with various details yet to be confirmed:

  • A libertarian reader by Iain McKay will be a four-volume set aimed at showing the true libertarian tradition by featuring texts from anti-state socialists, whether anarchists or not. The texts show the rich tradition associated with “libertarianism” and why we should reclaim the word.
  • Break the system is the first in an upcoming series on anarchism and punk.
  • And finally, Feminism in the Philippines essentially does what it says on the tin!

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