The Sons Of Anarchy star who admits he’s not really into motorcycles


As most “Sons of Anarchy” fans would tell, for most of the show on FX, the tallest, baddest, and beefiest brother in the SAMCRO fleet was one Clay Morrow. Played by the great Ron Perlman, Morrow proved to be a brutal but demanding pack leader not to be laughed at during his six seasons on the show. That run ended in bloodshed, of course, as it did with most of the main cast members of “Sons of Anarchy.” It seems Perlman may not have been too sad to leave the show, as he apparently wasn’t a particular fan of motorcycles to begin with.

The beloved actor claimed as much in a cheeky 2018 Instagram post on an “SOA” set photo with the caption, “I have to admit I look pretty bad—on the bike. Pretty sexy. Pretty gangsta. I also have to admit…bikes don’t like me. And it’s mutual.” Longtime Perlman co-star Maggie Siff (who played Tara Knowles) confirmed Perlman’s dislike of motorcycles in a 2012 interview with USA Today, offering, “Isn’t that funny? ”

According to his 2015 comments on NPR Fresh Air, Perlman started learning to ride motorcycles for a movie that never happened. The experience wasn’t pleasant, with the actor joking, “Let’s put it this way – I’d rather eat Haagen-Dazs.” Given the negative experience, it’s a bit of a surprise that Perlman is back in the saddle for “Sons of Anarchy.” Knowing what we know now, it’s a true testament to Perlman’s skill that he still managed to look so cool atop his helicopter given how much he clearly didn’t like it .


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