The impending police state response to the Parliament lawn protest will be cheered by the left


The SIS had infiltrated the protest in the second week and scooped up information from over-excited fantasies about all the terrible things they were going to do, just like police intelligence had done a while ago. 15 years with the Urewera Terror Raids.

This information scared the bejesus out of an already exhausted system and the decision to force them off the lawns was made.

Of course, the protesters were violent – we spent 3 weeks bamboozling them and then calling their reaction a hate crime.

It gave the far right a propaganda and recruitment victory they could never have imagined, but it also gave a boost to frightened middle-class Marxists who demanded that the police commissioner be sacked and let the army be sent on the second day of this Dumb Lives Matter farce.

This new police state will focus on powers of hate speech, vast new budgets and new surveillance capabilities.

Already, the SIS and GCSB are drawing up expanded budgets to hunt down “Nazis.”

Police want their legally dubious facial recognition mass surveillance network activated to identify “Nazis”.

The Woke activist base will want hate speech laws that effectively ban any opinion they don’t like from “Nazis.”

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The impending backlash of police powers and state surveillance to this avoidable violence from the lawn of Parliament will be the true legacy of this bullshit.

New Zealand’s police state will be cheered by the Woke, it will not be criticized.

Most MPs have been ushered in and out under heavy police protection alongside the frightened Press Gallery, so their perception of threat is now amplified by their own personal egos, and when this happens, any criticism of new powers to make them feel safe will have you labeled a traitor or enemy of the state.

Once the police state gets those extra budgets, it will never let them go. If they are paid to find monsters, they will find monsters even if it takes monstrous things to find them.

This huge surge of the police state would normally be hidden and low-key, but as easily triggered MPs are convinced they have just survived January 6, they will defend these vast increases in the budget and state oversight as the “cure” we need.

Middle-class Marxists and their state-funded media enablers will applaud that the Eye of Mordor is finally lit to punish the Nazi lumpenproletariat.

The rest of us will shudder in horror at the abomination they are building.

Below are the words of New Zealand punk anarchist Neil Roberts spray painted on the wall in 1982 before he detonated a bomb inside the Wanganui Computer Centre.

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