The Anarchist Lens with Michael Malice – What Bitcoin Has Done


Michael Malice is an anarchist, author and podcaster. In this interview, we discuss American cities in decline or prosperity, the transition away from the state, Ukraine and Putin, plots to cancel, challenges to free speech and the weakening of media and the education system.

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Anarchism rapidly evolved from an extreme ideology, which was an interesting thought experiment at best, to a political vision whose merits are increasingly being considered. Even those who believe in the power of collectivism question the effectiveness of our current institutions.

But with power comes responsibility. Do anarchists really believe that destroying the state and its associated power structures will result in a better world? Or is there a more nuanced and pragmatic approach? Is the maintenance of a collective organization desirable? Would the reduction of centralization and state domination be a sufficient victory for the anarchists?

Regardless of the end state envisioned by the proponents of scholars such as Bakunin, Goldman, Berkman, and Rothbard, there are many power structures that anarchists believe require radical reconstruction. Mainstream media, universities, schools, and rent-seeking corporations: these are all targets.

Even if some anarchists change to think that a better and more just world doesn’t mean starting from scratch, don’t think that their goal is anything other than a vast reorganization of society.


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