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FROM Fridays for Future, which started in Sweden, to the farmers’ protest, which won a victory in Delhi, in the heart of India, democratic societies have seen movements that have brought about change. Aakar Patel’s new book, ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’, talks about how the world’s best activist organizations are changing democratic societies, how a citizen can engage with like-minded others and how the Dynamic and participatory citizen action makes democracy better and more responsive. Featuring political cartoons that have the power to inspire, outrage or amuse, this is a book for our times.

No way to enter by Udayan Mukherjee. Bloomsbury. Pages 272. Rs.799

TV presenter Udayan Mukherjee’s fourth book ‘No Way In’ asks an important question: can the marginalized really navigate a world of acceptance? Sabita lives with her son, Dinu, in a terraced room in Jol Pori, the south Kolkata mansion of the prosperous Banerjees. When communal divisions rear their ugly heads at the brink of a high-stakes national election, it becomes apparent that Jol Pori, beneath its benign surface, is nothing but a microcosm of modern India with all its destructive divisions. With Dinu’s future in mind, Sabita desperately clings to her perilous position, but her past seems to catch up with her.

Ambedkar: a life by Shashi Tharoor. Aleph. Pages 240. Rs.599

In a new biography, Shashi Tharoor tells the story of Dr BR Ambedkar, from his Mahar birth to becoming the father of the Indian Constitution. It describes the many humiliations and obstacles Ambedkar had to overcome in a society that stigmatized the community in which he was born, and the single-minded determination with which he tackled every obstacle he encountered. The book provides insight into the various battles fought by Ambedkar to outlaw untouchability, his disputes with other political and intellectual giants of his time. “Ambedkar: A Life” promises to give readers a new and profound understanding of one of India’s greatest.


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