The 4 biggest mistakes of mortgage lending at a glance

Financing a house or apartment is not difficult. Nevertheless, there is always talk of builders and buyers who have come in financial difficulties because of their financing. Almost always lack of knowledge and bad advice are responsible.

But it does not have to come that far. We do not offer independent advice without good reason.

Our goal is to help every client get exactly the financing that suits him best. In addition, we would like to point out in this article which are the biggest mistakes that threaten mortgage lending.

Do not secure the family or secure it incorrectly


Suppose the main earner dies, what happens then? Unfortunately, many people do not want to deal with this question. As a result, the hedge is usually missing entirely, which in some cases ends tragically. Not infrequently this means for the bereaved that they can not keep the property.

Here, a hedge is easily possible – and it does not have to be expensive. Many a consultant may recommend classic life insurance. But a risk life insurance is much cheaper and is completely sufficient.

No interest rate comparison


Anyone who trusts his house bank blindly and therefore makes no interest rate comparison need not be surprised later. In any case, financing offers from several banks should be obtained and compared.

Even a small interest rate differentials lead to long-term savings in interest rates. After all, it’s about big loan amounts and a long financing period.

Therefore, even small differences in the interest rate have a significant impact. Clever borrowers use interest savings and thus save money in the medium and long term.

Use the entire equity


Who uses all his savings to realize the dream of owning a home, takes a high financial risk. The danger is that even smaller unpredictable expenses will grow into big problems.

It is better to withhold part of the savings as a nest egg. For example, if a car repair pending, the budget does not immediately come under pressure.

Even from a health point of view, such a procedure makes sense. A small financial cushion means security and lets borrowers sleep better.

Waiver of interest rate hedge


If the market interest rates rise significantly, the subsequent follow-up financing could be really expensive. In the worst case, it will no longer be possible to continue using the new monthly installment, even in conjunction with a low minimum eradication rate.

But it does not have to come that far. Our consultants are happy to discuss what concrete possibilities of interest rate hedging exist.

Advice on the construction financing

Take advantage of our non-binding advice. Taking into account your personal situation, our finance specialists work out tailor-made mortgage lending and compare the conditions of numerous banks.

The advice is free of charge and not non-binding, ie you decide in the end, if and by whom you finance your property.

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