Switzerland: The Jesuit magazine “Choose” in the grip of doubt


The Swiss agency cath.ch gives on June 28, 2022 the theme of the July issue of the Jesuit magazine of French-speaking Switzerland, Picking out: “Does doubt lead to change?”

The post-Council progressive clichés in this issue are pathetically anachronistic. Thus, in his editorial, Fr. Pierre Emonet sj declares that “in the face of the confinement of fundamentalism and the anarchy of fashionable changes, doubt remains the ultimate refuge of freedom, the open door of prison, the escape beyond the single thought”.

In politics, according to the writer François Cherix: “Doubt is the fuel of democracy…, the engine of reason”, and what allows citizens to make good use of doubt is tolerance for ‘uncertainty.

The same discourse is used by the philosopher Stève Bobillier for whom in terms of knowledge and of the inner self, the danger does not come from doubt: “It is absolute certainty that one must be wary of.

And that doubt calls for change. According to Fr. Jean Civelli, in the Church change is desired and desirable, which is why: “By his insistence on denouncing clericalism, [certainly close to the “enclosure of fundamentalisms,” castigated by Fr. Emonet. Ed.] Pope Francis invites the Church to a renewed listening to Scripture so that much-needed changes can be made to its governance. – Finally comes the synod on synodality…

Just as one should not shoot at an ambulance, especially when it turns into a hearse, one should not refute these terribly dated clichés. For the record: in a press release published on the journal’s website, the Jesuits of Switzerland and the members of the editorial staff expressed “the regret to inform that the cultural journal Choisir will cease to appear on December 31, 2022”.

“The continual erosion of the number of its subscribers and that of the Jesuits established in the French-speaking cantons forced the authorities of the Society of Jesus to put an end to its publication.

Like Lucienne Bittar, editor-in-chief of Picking outsaid at the time: “I feel that the surge of creativity and dynamism that followed Vatican II has stalled.


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