Suspected arson attack at anti-abortion group Wisconsin office


Appling told BuzzFeed News that up to six people normally work at the office, and his workspace in particular suffered the most damage.

She said authorities told her they suspected Mason jars had been used to make Molotov cocktails.

“The people who did this show exactly what they accuse us of being,” Appling said. “It’s intolerant.”

“We need to stop this kind of behavior. It doesn’t help in any way and it’s not going to scare us away,” she said.

Earlier this week, the WFA urged supporters to be ‘cautiously optimistic’ but take a ‘wait-and-see’ approach in response to the leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court is set to overturn the historic abortion case of 1973. Roe v. Wade.

“If the opinion is as it is currently written, we will be right and have time to celebrate,” Appling said Tuesday.

In Wisconsin, an 1849 law criminalizing nearly all abortions is still in effect, but has not been in effect since. deer legalized abortion nationwide. Yes deer is overturned, the state attorney general said he won’t enforce state law, but it’s unclear if other local officials will follow suit.

In response to the fire, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway told the Wisconsin State Journal on Sunday that she understands people are angry and scared by the Supreme Court’s potential decision, but called for it. that all demonstrations are peaceful.

“Madison strongly believes in the right to free speech, but it must be exercised nonviolently by all parties in this increasingly contentious debate,” the mayor said.

Rhodes-Conway, a Democrat, also told the newspaper that pro-abortion rights groups have been victimized in the past.

Abortion clinics have previously been the target of arson, while providers have also been attacked, resulting in at least 11 deaths since 1993.

In 2015, three people were shot and killed by a gunman who stormed a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.


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