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On December 8, 2020, seven anarchists were arrested by the DGSI, the French counter-terrorism police unit, in various locations across France. They were accused of participating in “an association of criminals preparing a terrorist attack”.

All but one have since been released (two without charge), some after months in pretrial detention. They are awaiting trial and are placed under judicial control. The defendants, who do not all know each other, have been under surveillance for a long time, including digital surveillance such as placing recording devices in vehicles as well as physical surveillance.

The one who is still imprisoned awaiting trial, Libre Flot, is kept in solitary confinement with limited access to visitors. The official reason given to justify his continued detention in such conditions when all the other defendants have been released is that the authorities and the court identify him as the leader of the “group”.

In February, Libre Flot’s appeal to be released before trial was rejected by a judge. He then announced that he would go on a hunger strike to protest his detention. Flot began his hunger strike on February 27, and as a result, he was hospitalized on March 24.

Below, Freedom publishes a call for international solidarity action published by the comrades and sympathizers of Libre Flot.

On December 8, 2020, a group of seven people were arrested by the French state for suspected terrorist association. All but one were released without any specific charge other than “criminal conspiracy”, a charge that can be used to stiffen sentences and take away rights. Libre Flot was transferred to solitary confinement a few days after his arrest and is the only one among those arrested still behind bars.

Throughout his incarceration, the French state has tried to say that Flot’s actions of joining the liberation struggle against the Islamic State are the same as those who traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State.

On February 27, Flot began a hunger strike to protest the more than 14 months of pre-trial detention, the allegation that seven people who did not even know each other had committed a conspiracy and attempts by the French state to assert that those who fought ISIS are no different from the ISIS members they opposed.

On March 24, after losing a lot of weight and presenting with health problems, Libre Flot was hospitalized.

April 4 will be his 36th day of hunger strike.

April 4 is also his birthday.

On this day, we call for an international day of solidarity. We call on all comrades and all decent human beings with a sense of justice to demonstrate in front of French embassies, consulates or institutes, or to find any other means of expressing their objection to this flagrant injustice.



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