Spacex, another masterpiece by Wikileaks founder Assange is out, Why is he optimistic about the Metauniverse which is the ultimate form of the Internet of Value?


Exclusive: “WikiLeaks” Assange’s latest action

Julian Assange, the famous founder of WikiLeaks, seems to have been silent for some time since he obtained Ecuadorian citizenship in 17 years, and the outside world is curious to know if he will have any new “big hits”. Recently, the team paid an exclusive visit to the legendary “hacker Robin Hood”, who has another masterpiece after WikiLeaks!

This time, Assange is aiming for the realm of the meta-universe and has started a meta-universe project called Spacex with another big brother Amir Taqi, to explore the ultimate shape of the future value of the internet in the meta-universe. I found Amir-Taaki’s information: Amir-Taaki (Amir Taaki) is an Anglo-Iranian anarchist, hacker activist and programmer who

Known for his leadership role in the Bitcoin Project and for pioneering many open source projects. Forbes named Taaki to its 2014 30 under 30 list.

30 Under 30 list. Taaki traveled to Syria to fight alongside Kurdish forces and spent a year and a half working in the civilian sector of Rojava on various economic projects. In February 2018, Taaki created a group in Catalonia dedicated to using blockchain technology to help national liberation causes such as the Catalan independence movement. Amir and Assange seem to have colluded and are about to drop a “heavy bomb” on the world!

According to the information I have received, Spacex’s Mars space program will soon be open to knowledgeable people who support decentralization and anti-monopoly of information, creating a new era of human civilization and creation and distribution of riches.

Exclusive Details: Spacex Mars Space Program

The information collected so far shows that this plan has been supported by a Tesla board member, and has already made a major breakthrough and can be brought to market through the efforts of a professional team of talented from IBM Computer Research Center, Yale University and University of Toronto.

It is said that Spacex put in the background a fascinating project: mankind in order to hover in the universe, and thus invented the spacecraft, with the outbreak of space war, the original good flight desire was imposed In the shadow of war, the emergence of super warships, cosmic warfare has a decisive role in victory or defeat. Therefore, Spacex launched the “Mars Space Program” – a fully blockchain-based decentralized flight class chain game + meta-universe.

(Insert a sentence here, but I learned that Spacex is actually not an ordinary blockchain game so simple on the surface, just to subvert the traditional internet in all its dimensions, Assange’s goals and capabilities don’t can never be underestimated.)

The structure of Spacex’s “Mars Space Program” is cosmic, logically divided into 26 planets, of which Mars is the seat, each planet is deployed on a different blockchain. Each planet will have approximately 5-10 military bases, and the planet will evolve into a separate but related economic entity. tokens, resources, and props move between planets as planets swap in Spacex. To access each planet, users will need an appropriate set of tools, such as a wallet that supports the planet’s underlying blockchain environment. tokens for Spacex are also referred to as Spacex, while there will be a large number of NFT assets present. The Mars space program has five resources – weapons, spacecraft, gold, land, and military bases – to mine and degrade at a rate that will ensure their scarcity.

At Spacex, gamers can.

Buy a base and become the commander in chief of a military base

Hire miners to mine resources

Hire users to turn resources into weapons

Hire a Weapons Engineer to transform the weapon into the final weapon form based on the structural model

Hire transporters to move item resources

These game methods form an entire ecosystem of Mars Spacex.

But the great thing about the Mars space program is that in addition to the resources and gameplay integrated into Spacex, system developers or third-party developers can also access the Spacex game by developing a variety of game Dapps, making the system open and borderless game. . For this reason, Mars Spacex launched

DAO Governance Application Virtual Town Hall

Experimental application of virtual banking

Resource Allocation Application Marketplace and Virtual Store

Algorithm Power Application Mining Pools

Social app public channels and encrypted peer-to-peer communication chat

It is indeed a meta-universe game product, but in essence it is a new world of decentralized creation and flow of digital assets, a more democratic, open and transparent form of internet value, an ideal space free of dictatorship and monopoly of resources and discourse.

Conclusion: Spacex created a new life for the world after getting rid of the internet monopoly

In Spacex, not only are people free from the monopoly of social listening and the platform, but for the first time, they are in control of their own digital assets, with the right to create and own tokens and equipment, accessories and NFTs in the hands of the users themselves. All game data on Spacex Mars Space Program inherits the tamper-proof features of the blockchain system. At the same time, the Spacex Mars space program ecosystem will open more than 90% of the core system source code on, the world’s largest third-party open source site, and global users will be able to witness the open and transparent, safe and reliable attitude of the Spacex Mars Space Program system together.

User data, all positive behaviors create value for the ecology, Spacex encourages value creation, establishing a quality meta-universe channel visit incentive ecosystem, with activity and contribution as a measure of number of users who benefit from it. At the same time, through the generation, circulation and value splitting of the Spacex platform token, all commercial actions on the Spacex Mars space program must be driven by the use of base tokens, which are recovered by the system as a fee and deposited in the pool to reward users who have contributed to the entire system and the entire network and have been active. Ways to obtain a token include, but are not limited to: participating in games, exchanging game assets, providing node verification support for the entire network, participating active in operating communities, etc.

Assange said: Global users, especially early carrier users, are very important to the success of Spacex. spacex is willing to donate to contribute to active investment in spacex users the most generous return. According to market trends and Spacex’s ecological capabilities, this meta-universe project to advance human civilization to the ultimate form of Internet value will create a million times the wealth of the initial investment!

And this, Spacex and its supporters, for the world to create new life after internet monopoly a well-deserved comeback, the world will thank and cherish this group of great practitioners who stubbornly pursue the dream of a decentralized metaverse!

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