Southampton man had ‘copies of the anarchist cookbook’



A SOUTHAMPTON man accused of manufacturing firearms and explosives had an instruction manual at his home, a court has heard.

When police raided Pascal Knorr-Gulde’s Bond Road home, they found homemade gun parts, chemicals for making explosives and a workshop, a jury said.

The 48-year-old faces charges of Possession of a Prohibited Weapon, Attempt to Manufacture a Firearm, Attempt to Manufacture Explosives and two counts of Possession of Explosives.

Defended, by Berenice Mulvanny, he denies the charges against him and is tried at Southampton Crown Court.

Police raid a house in Bond Road, Southampton in a gun and drug attack on June 20, 2020

Opening the case on Tuesday, prosecution attorney Robin Shellard told the jury how, on June 19, officers found “rocket candy” and “gun cotton” – two highly flammable substances – at the home of Knorr-Gulde.

He recounted how they also discovered ten liters of hydrogen peroxide and eight bottles of nail polish, which he said can be used to make explosives.

The jury heard that Knorr-Gulde had several instruction manuals on how to make firearms as well as various copies of the Anarchist Cookbook, a controversial guide to making explosives.

He even owned a milling machine for metalworking which is said to be used in the manufacture of firearms.

Daily Echo: Bomb Disposal Unit at Bond Road, SouthamptonMine clearance unit at Bond Road, Southampton

The jury members were also shown photos of the “internal parts of a machine gun”.

These included metal tubes used for “a revolver” and a “magazine for a MAC-10 machine gun” which could be used to hold ammunition. as well as a guide to “building your own improvised machine gun”.

As previously reported by the Daily Echo, a bomb disposal unit was called in to witness an incident at Bond Road on June 19.

Police were at the scene much of the next day and two neighboring houses were evacuated as a precaution.

The trial, which is expected to last a week, is continuing.



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