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Fast Ortiz “frontdemon” Sadie Dupuis celebrated a decade of the group in November, giving a luxury reissue to their first works on The death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker … forever, which includes the Cop kick PE and The death of Speedy Ortiz LP (remixed, remastered and on vinyl for the first time), eight bonus tracks, new Sadie sleeve notes, and rare photos and newspaper scans from this era. Sadie also had a busy year beyond that, contributing to songs like Sad13 has a Gossip Girl the soundtrack covers the compilation of benefits, and Scary blankets, a Halloween-themed compilation featuring Trans LA Defense Fund. She also contributed to Backxwashthe new album of I lie here buried with my rings and my dresses, remixed Ganser and collaborated with Mister Goblin for a song from his second album, Four people in an elevator and one of them is the devil.

As the end of the year nears, we polled artists about their favorite 2021 albums, and Sadie wrote us a list, complete with commentary, an introduction, and a few final thanks. Read it below.


I feel like no time has passed since I wrote the favorite albums of the year of 2020 concisely titled “10 alphabetically sorted (by first name for some reason) from from a longer list of favorites, excluding those of artists for whom I wrote a biography *, Have hung out with intensely **, Play in a group with ***, Have toured with **** , Release a ***** album, or Date ****** “for this very site. I was about to use this space to resume my favorites system filled with disclaimers so that I could cheat and give you a much longer assortment of albums… but After too much trouble, my heart told me to try something new.

So without further ado, here are “10 Randomly Selected, Non-Literate Albums From My Much Longer Favorites List.” Sorry! I’ve been in my house for 22 months and I hate rules unless I arbitrarily make them up! I pasted my much longer list into RANDOM.ORG, wrote about the top ten that came up, and was able to skip the decision-making – thanks RANDOM.ORG, still one of the top 10 tools Web!


LOL that the first album he spat at me is one I’m on. But where is the lie? Backxwash released one of my most obsessed records of 2020 and I was more than honored to be able to write and sing on this monstrously awesome album. Aside from Ashanti’s spooky and creepy production, there’s a wild selection of collaborators including clipping., Ada Rook and Censored Dialogue, which makes a mind-blowing first verse on the heavy “Terror Packets”, possibly my favorite song. of this year.

Helado Negro – Far in
Helado Negro is one of those projects that are still going as good as ever that I hardly believe Roberto is from this planet, with each record showing a new and wonderful facet of his composing skills, layered like a haunting painting. The melancholy melodies, intuitively eccentric rhythms and dreamlike sounds make me excited to spend my life with Far In.

Xenia Rubinos – Una Rosa
I’m not convinced the Randomizer isn’t watching me since it’s the third person in a row I’ve been lucky enough to have as a friend (I promise I’m not playing around with the stupid system I invented !!! ). Xenia and her production partner Marco Buccelli went above and beyond on Una Rosa, blending her masterful hip hop, jazz and prog influences with futuristic rumba. Her singular voice and cinematic storytelling is unmatched, and the stylistic terrain covered here is breathtaking, fun, touching and invigorating. Thought to list my favorite track here, but it’s like a 12 way tie.

Christian fitness – hip guns
Let me never again forget that guitar riffs are the best. Because I forgot and this album was my necessary reminder. I love all bands including Falco, and his seventh form as a Christian made me appreciate his sardonic comments and fuzzy rhythmic stuttering more than ever. In the first full year I’ve been without going to a festival since, I don’t know, 17 years, this album has managed to help me remember how miserable festivals can be – it’s no small feat!

Halsey – If I can’t have love I want power
So again, if I hadn’t obeyed a randomizer, I might not have presented this huge pop album because I don’t think Halsey needs the sales my baby could inspire. That said, I watched a roughly two hour interview between Halsey and their producers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross just to see if they would say anything about the recording techniques used (they didn’t). I think these tweets basically sum up my biggest life change of 2021.

Cola Boyy – Prosthetic boombox
One of my favorite after-school programs this year was helping book a star-studded Minecraft concert (!) The lineup was absolutely wild – including Black Pus, Eve6, Pink Navel, Thursday, Ted Leo, Mary Lattimore, between others – and Cola Boyy was there too. He finally had to cancel, but not before I got obsessed with Prosthetic boombox in anticipation. So false start here, I did NOT get to see Cola Boyy in Minecraft. But these 10 eccentric disco and radical funk songs by an Oxnard-based anarchist are joyous songs full of anti-capitalism, depiction of disability, and community celebration. It’s worth listening to on repeat, in or out of Minecraft.

Illuminati hotties – Let me do one more
Blow after blow after blow on this one, whether she’s doing math rock riffs (“MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA”), country crooning (“uvvp”), dirt hymn (“Knead”), lamentations on the infernal landscape (“Threatening Each Other re: capitalism”) or pulling a power-pop disappearance act (“Toasting”). Let Sarah Tudzin do one more! Whatever she does, it will always be awesome. I love you, my brother.

Wednesday – Twin plagues
In an extremely rare moment that I hadn’t heard from a band before they opened for us, Speedy Ortiz got the chance to perform with Wednesday on our tour with Ohmme in 2019. There is something more magical to be surprised to the point of glowing obsession after a band’s set, and that’s what Wednesday made me feel in the moment and after – wonderful vocal leaps, heart-wrenching guitar distortion, rhythms that give me neck pain from the headbang. Twin plagues has everything I love about this live band with the added bonus of being able to listen over and over again and linger over every demanding word.

Lula Wiles – Shame and sedition
I met Lula Wiles’ Isa Burke on Zoom while we were both working hard on the UMAW Venues subcommittee, and when this album came out, I listened to it so many times that I had it. feel like I’m getting organized with a celebrity! Gorgeous guitar and harmonies deeply influenced by the trio’s shared folk roots – they met at the fiddler camp – but with enough gnarly solos that I had to ask, “Do you like Pile?” Revolutionary record politics, like the people of protest from whom it evolved and with whom it is in conversation, is up its sleeve and gutting. The band is on hiatus at the moment, but I consider myself very lucky that I got to see them perform in a suburban park this summer, my (and my dog) first outdoor concert of the year.

Robin Hatch – TONTO
With spellbinding synth work on the famous machine from which her album takes its name, Robin quickly became one of my favorite songwriters. Mystical arpeggios set the stage for sweet and suspenseful melodies, buzzing rhythms clash to the Rube Goldberg, quivering spurts of Linn’s creations and sawtooth bass. She is also an expert group companion when performing alongside instrumental contributions from Eric Slick, Nick Thorburn and Leland & Lowell Whitty. A very cool album that I can’t wait to take with me in 2022!

*** Okay I can’t resist the last screams of deer hoof & Remember the sport, to whom I have listened to an obscene amount and who was honored to write biographies and love their 2021 records as much as anything I have ever listened to, as well as Ovlov, Pom Pom Squad, Spirit of the Beehive, Liz Phair, McKinley Dixon, Lily Kongisberg, Mister Goblin (FT. ME), Claire Cronin, Swim Campand, lol, Cloud of nothing, and, lol, i’m sure i’m forgetting things, crack it, randomizer, i do whatever i want!



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