Robert Macdonald: Local politicians haven’t done enough


Our local politicians are nice people. Peggy Rotundo, Margaret Craven, Michel Lajoie and Jared Golden have represented our city for years.

Look around Lewiston. Can people tell me what they have accomplished?

We have seen an increase in crime, drugs, homelessness and housing projects. Portland used Lewiston as a storage space to house its overflow of refugees.

Will we replicate other democratic states? Will prosecutors, backed by George Soros, decide which laws they will enforce as lawlessness is unleashed on our streets? Will the teachers’ union decide when schools will open and close?

Besides being a Marine and joining other congressional veterans to create a monument, what did Golden do? When the Lewiston Veterans Center – which provides counseling for returning veterans – was severely understaffed, Bruce Poliquin stepped in and solved the problem. Councilman at the time, Golden, was AWOL.

Is it time to change? On November 8, the voters decide.

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston

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