Revealed! THIS unique gimmick will be used to unveil the trailer for Ranveer Singh’s Jayeshbhai Jordaar


The long-awaited trailer for Jayeshbhai Jordaar is set to release on April 19, 2022. The creators have come up with a unique gimmick for its trailer unveiling. Never before has something like this been activated to market a movie worldwide, and the reason for that will be revealed when the trailer drops.

Producer Maneesh Sharma develops this clutter-busting high-level marketing gimmick. He says, “Jayeshbhai Jordaar is a film with its own unique cinematic flavor. He tries to break down social barriers and prejudices in the most unlikely way. So when we were thinking about the promotional aspect, our challenge was how to convey the ethos and cinematic flavor of our film. Eventually we decided to do what our hero Jayeshbhai would have done.

Expanding further, Maneesh adds, “Throughout the film, he tries to bring about constructive change through oddly disruptive choices. So, we simply followed in his footsteps (unscented soap to convey the scent of our film): the unscented soap symbolizes what Jayeshbhai, both the person and the film, is trying to say and do. Our society has outdated and odorless constructions – hence the odorless soap. Jayeshbhai intends to break down and remodel these constructs.

On a parting note, he concludes, “Jayeshbhai does the less heroic things but turns out to be the hero of our film. The soap may be odorless, but the trailer will surely leave an odor of its own. It is the perfume of Jayeshbhai. It’s the scent of a polite anarchist.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar stars Ranveer Singh and Arjun Reddy famous Shalini Pandey. The film is his Bollywood debut. It is directed by beginner Divyang Thakkar. It will hit screens on May 13, 2022, worldwide.

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Posted: Monday April 18th 2022, 08:00 IST


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