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Yesterday at the radical queer and silent disco events in Laurelhurst, I saw many people dressed in black and in masks patrolling the area, mingling, etc. I feel like they were there to ensure the safety and well-being of any potential event attendees. anti-queer and fascist “show of force”. Not being fully aware, if my perception is wrong, I’m sorry.

However, here is my general take on Antifascists, BLM, Black Panther, Radical Fairy, Militant Dykes, Anarchists, Aged Hippies, Bands, etc.

The social order in the United States is crumbling, under the weight of emboldened white racist groups, neo-Nazis, (redundant?) paramilitary police, voter suppression, a system radicalized judiciary and several states, school boards, city councils, etc. who actively attack and prosecute women, gays, the poor, and black and brown people.

The police, corporations, landowners, most politicians, the government and the courts are firmly on the side of repression and right-wing extremism. Polite, “law-abiding” white liberals who talk about radical, even anarchic action, sit at the table of the oppressors and can suck my balls or my clitoris.

The battle for the lives and well-being of non-collaborators is upon us, and it will not be resolved by “COEXIST” bumper stickers, but rather by radical, if not less than peaceful, activism. Those of us who remember what “counterculture” really meant don’t always shrivel up and cower when things get drastic and messy.

But I’m just an aging queer, pro-Labour, feminist socialist. What do I know? I *wish* I had slimming black to wear.


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