Pro-abortion terror group claims to have attacked two Detroit-area pregnancy centers


A message allegedly emailed to an anarchist blog by a pro-abortion terror group claimed responsibility for the attack on of them pro-life pregnancy centers in the Detroit, Michigan area, but have only released evidence of a centers attacked on the Abolition Media blog, which claims online to be a “tool for movements dedicated to anarchist, abolitionist and revolutionary perspectives”.

The image believed to have been taken on June 19, 2022, the night of the attack, shows only the Lennon Pregnancy Center in Dearborn Heights spray-painted with the message: ‘If abortion isn’t safe, you won’t more ! This threat matches other messages left by Jane’s Revenge, a pro-abortion terror group that threatened to escalate violence following a possible reversal of the 1973 war. Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court case.

Lennon Center near the Detroit pro-life Pregnancy Center vandalized by pro-abortion extremists on June 19 (Image: Abolition Media Blog)

Abolition Media, which has been repeatedly used to send messages by Jane’s Revenge, titled the post “Fake Clinic Attacked in Detroit”, where they relayed a post emailed to the blog by the authors. It read: “On the night of 06/19, a gang of criminal queers broke the windows of of them fake abortion clinics in the greater Detroit area conveying the messages “if abortion isn’t safe, neither are you” and “fake clinic”. Jane will have her revenge.

The Lennon Center pro-life pregnancy center in Dearborn Heights vandalized by abortion extremists on June 19 (Image: Abolition Media Blog)

The next morning, Michigan pro-life activist Lynn Mills also reported the attack, writing on her Facebook page: “Please consider helping the Lennon Center in Dearborn Heights as they are the last target of hatred against abortion. You know, the “gender” is gone. In the early morning, cowards attacked their building, tagged it in two places and broke all the windows.

Mills uploaded additional footage documenting how these violent abortion extremists smashed all the windows, likely a very expensive repair. On Facebook, the pregnancy center announced it would be closed for a day but did not publicly mention the attack.

Image: Pro-life Pregnancy Center in Dearborn Heights, Michigan attacked by abortion extremists (Images: Lynn Mills and Abolition Media Blog)

Pro-life Pregnancy Center in Dearborn Heights, Michigan attacked by abortion extremists (Images: Lynn Mills and Abolition Media Blog)

Gary Hillebrand, chairman of the board of the Lennon Center, told Live Action News that the pro-abortion attackers smashed 11 windows and three glass doors as they sprayed their threat on the building. Hillebrand said the PRC informed the police and planned to inform the FBI as well.

“I feel bad for all the people who donate money and food and time here because some of that has to go to cleaning things up,” Hillebrand told Detroit affiliate NBC. “I think it all ties into the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade. A lot of people are upset about this and quite oddly go after people like us who are trying to help pregnant women who need help.

But Hillebrand told Live Action News the center would remain available to help those in need. “Our customers expect our help and they will get it. It doesn’t affect what we do; we will continue,” he said.

Dearborn Heights Detective Lt. Mike Guzowski told Live Action News they have no news yet of a second center being attacked in their city. Live Action News will be updated as soon as we know more.

Federal response to violent attacks has been weak

Kyle Shideler, director and senior analyst for homeland security and counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy, is troubled by how federal authorities have handled the litany of pro-abortion attacks so far and says that groups like Jane’s Revenge and others targeting pro-life centers should be “seen through the prism of terrorism.”

In an interview with “EWTN World Over,” Shideler explained that terrorism has two purposes. “First, to intimidate a branch of government — that is, the Supreme Court — from issuing a rule on the Dobbs case that would be seen as favorable to the pro-life position,” Shideler said. . “And then, two, to intimidate the public, members of the pro-life movement. And, to disrupt their ability to organize at the state and local level.

“So these attackers are declaring that they will escalate the violence if the government does not do what it wants. And that is terrorism by definition,” he stressed.

Continued attacks on pro-life centers, coupled with virtual silence from federal authorities, have alarmed pro-life organizations, religious leaders and politicians, prompting multiple urgent demands to the Justice Department and Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate and prosecute. the authors.

As a result, the FBI announced late last week that it planned to investigate the increase in attacks, asking anyone with information about any of the attacks to contact law enforcement. local authorities, their local FBI office or report to

Editor’s Note: This post will be updated as needed.

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