‘No one’ is joining the Crypto 6 plea bargain parade


On the day the ex-girlfriend of Free Keene’s Ian Freeman pleaded guilty in the federal Bitcoin money laundering case, fellow libertarian known as Nobody also filed a notice of intent to enter into a settlement. plea agreement.

Freeman, 42, is at the center of the case targeting his Bitcoin exchanges and his several libertarian churches, which he used to receive “donations” as part of the multi-million dollar money laundering scheme, according to the government.

Freeman was arrested last year along with Nobody, formerly known as Rich Paul, 54, Freeman’s ex-girlfriend Renee Spinella, 25, and her husband Andrew Spinella, 36. The Spinellas reached plea deals this week, Andrew Spinella on Tuesday and Renee Spinella on Thursday. Both plea deals center on their actions to open bank accounts in their own names, which Freeman then used as part of his scheme, according to court records.

While Andrew Spinella was able to negotiate no jail time in exchange for his guilty plea, Renee Spinella didn’t have the same luck to strike a deal for her role in setting up the Crypto Church of New Hampshire bank accounts. , one of Freeman’s many nicknames. -religious entities.

According to court records, prosecutors agreed to drop many of the charges against Renee Spinella and seek the minimum jail term for one count of wire fraud. The maximum sentence is 30 years.

Nobody noticed that he planned to plead guilty was a surprise. He has been a fixture among Keene libertarian groups, leading marijuana activism and as a candidate for Keene mayor and New Hampshire governor.

No one had previously served time in prison for drug offenses in 2014 after refusing to become a federal informant against Freeman and his fellow libertarian activists. After his arrest last year, Nobody also said adamantly that the officers must be killed and made other lewd and threatening statements to his former defense attorney, court records show.

With the Spinellas and Nobody agreeing to take pleas, that leaves Freeman, Aria DiMezzo, who calls herself a Satanic trans anarchist and opened a Satanic temple that was implicated in the scheme, and Colleen Fordham, an Alstead woman aged 62 years old. who operates the convenience store in Keene in a building that Freeman owns.

Freeman is a lifelong libertarian activist who first moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. This group distanced itself from Freemen in 2014 when it repeatedly used its radio show to call for lowering the age of consent. However, Freeman has participated in Free State Project events, such as the annual Libertarian PorkFest, since his ousting in 2014.

The Free State Project is a libertarian movement that encourages people to move to New Hampshire and take control of state government. Freeman was an early pioneer of the Free State and encouraged many people to move to New Hampshire.

According to prosecutors, since 2016, Freeman and the others operated businesses and fake churches that allowed criminal clients to exchange more than $10 million in fiat currency for virtual currency, charging a fee for the service. Prosecutors said Freeman knew he was laundering money from criminals.

Officers took dozens of firearms and $180,000 in cash from Freeman’s Keene home during the March 2021 raid when he and the others were arrested. He is believed to have more than $1.6 million in cryptocurrency known to authorities, according to court records.


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