Military Mortgage and Maternity Capital

Military mortgage and reimbursement of part of the debt with a certificate of certification are two programs of state importance designed to provide housing for families of the military and families with children. About what preferential conditions for obtaining mortgages exist for these categories, how to use them together, will be discussed below.

How to take advantage of benefits

How to take advantage of benefits

The law does not restrict the use of both these programs at the same time. Accordingly, military families in which two or more children can get a mortgage on attractive terms and pay part of the debt with the parent capital.

This sphere is regulated by the regulatory legal acts of our state:

  1. The law “On the accumulative mortgage system of housing for military personnel.” This law describes the economic and organizational basis for the provision of military mortgages, the importance of providing housing for employees.
  2. The law “On additional measures of state support for families with children.” By this act, the state provided significant assistance to families with children, created the foundation of a decent life, and provided an opportunity to provide them with housing.

The housing problem is acute for young families, where parents work in the public sphere and raise children.

Usually, the situation is this: the husband is entitled to subsidies for military personnel, the wife is entitled to receive maternal money.

According to the rules of registration of a military mortgage, after 3 years of service, you can already get a soft loan for housing. Until 2005, this privilege was available only after the dismissal. To get a mortgage for the military, you need to join the mortgage system. Since 2012, the law has approved the ability to repay the mortgage maternal certificate.

If you are already paying a mortgage with benefits for the military, also apply the family certificate:

  • Pay them a part of the down payment. A suitable option if the spouses promptly provide a package of documents and visit 3 organizations to resolve this issue: the bank, the Pension Fund, and the defense department.
  • Pay a part of your current mortgage debt that you have already issued earlier. It makes it possible to shorten the loan repayment period.
  • Send your family money to pay off your mortgage balance. The most profitable option, as it gives time to collect documents and allows you to fully use the maternity capital.

Banks are more willing to accept money on account of payment of part of the debt. As a down payment, the certificate is not beneficial for banks, since the transfer of these funds takes a long time.

To calculate a payment schedule for a military mortgage, use a loan calculator online.

  1. The husband turns to the military department, he writes a report about the intention to issue a military mortgage. He receives a certificate from a participant in the accumulation program, which he then presents at the bank when he makes a mortgage agreement.
  2. Borrowers choose a lending institution where they can take advantage of government benefits.
  3. The family applies to the bank for processing a loan on the basis of the received certificate.
  4. Borrowers choose an object for the transaction.
  5. A wife refers to a specialist Pension Fund. It is better to draw up documents at their place of residence. For the transfer of maternal money, an application is filled into the mortgage account, a package of documents is submitted: a certificate for Good Finance, a passport of applicants/certificate holder, marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, mortgage agreement, bank details, paper on the sale of the object, certificate of the right property.
  6. PF reviews the application, examines the paper and reports the answer. We will have to wait no more than a month. If the application is approved, the borrowers will inform the bank of the payment by the certificate.
  7. The husband writes a statement to Rosvoenipotek about the intention to pay part of the loan.
  8. PF transfers funds to the bank account.

Check with a specialist in the PF, which papers should be presented. Requirements for borrowers:

  • the presence of Russian citizenship, permanent registration;
  • housing that is purchased is located in the country;
  • between spouses must be formal marriage;
  • family certificate received at least 3 years ago, that is, the youngest child has reached the age of three.

Family capital is used only once. To repay part of the military mortgage with this money, act promptly, collect the necessary papers and contact the appropriate authorities.

Delays in the process may prevent the payment of Good Finance as a primary contribution. Take this into account and prepare in advance the means for the first payment.

How are housing rights distributed?

According to the rules for granting a military mortgage, a military applicant has sole rights to square footage.

If funds are involved, then both parents and children have the same property rights. At the same time, the common property is issued. Having children gives parents the opportunity to receive a family certificate. Thus, the state protects certificate holders from misappropriation of money.

In order to ensure the legal rights of his wife and children, the husband, as the owner of the property, applies to the Pension Fund, fills in and submits an application, in which he undertakes to distribute the shares in equal proportions between the children and the wife. The allocation of shares is given up to six months.

Is it profitable to use the certificate for debt payment?

Is it profitable to use the certificate for debt payment?

  1. The state transfers a subsidy to the account of a soldier. Due to this, contributions are made under the mortgage agreement. Attraction Good Finance makes it possible to quickly repay the debt. The family can pay off debts earlier.
  2. The use of a family certificate entitles the family members of the military to the right of ownership.
  3. After payment of the debt to the bank, the funds will be transferred to the account of the serviceman. After 20 years of service, this money can be withdrawn from the account. Payments are constantly indexed. In contrast to the certification, payments for which are raised annually, but not at a pace.
  4. Military savings, you can pay the debt on the secondary mortgage. Early payment of the loan, the removal of the burden and the sale of housing make it possible to retake the military mortgage.
  5. Profitable option for that military who are planning to quit and find a job in another area. If the service ends earlier than the loan payments, the maternity capital will cover the missing amount.

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