MEDIA: Verity Johnson and the pain of feeling politically homeless


Verity Johnson expressed a sentiment many people who voted Labor in 2017 and 2020 now feel.

Politically homeless.

I know exactly how she feels.

I also look at the massive transfer of wealth from the wealthiest New Zealanders.

I see the 200,000 children in poverty.

25,000 on emergency accommodation waiting lists.

50,000 households in poverty.

The mental health crisis.

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The housing crisis.

The cost of living crisis.

The environmental crisis.

I see all these crises and I see very little traction from a Labor Party that is constantly being played off by a public service that wants all the power and zero accountability for service delivery.

I see a base of awakened activists who act more like dogma protecting a cult than agents of progressive change.

I see a Green Party that is almost desperate for anything other than delivering woke empty gestures welded to their own middle-class pretensions.

I started the MANA party to try to force Labor to make real economic change because I couldn’t stand the progressive mediocrity that passed while Helen Clarks was in power for 9 years.

I look at the political landscape now and feel completely homeless as a citizen and a voter.

The material issues that really matter have been abandoned in favor of political virtue signals of middle-class identity being picked up by the Twitter crowd and anyone who breathes differently is cancelled.

Predictably, they went after Verity with all the glee of Putin beating Ukrainian children.

Rather than canceling Verity Johnson, shouldn’t the left try to figure out why we lost her?

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