Lockdown of late-stage capitalism: and we are free?


Late capitalism in 3 plans


The boot of the state finally comes out of my throat, Big Sister comes out of my gates, the police state that we have agreed to because of the pandemic is finally forced to stop strangling our freedom and the he anarchist in me is thrilled and grateful.

The decline in police powers is an important step backwards towards democracy and should always be pushed once the public health emergency subsides.

I am still deeply concerned about who gets all this data and demands specific legislation that protects it only for the Department of Health.

But to avoid mass deaths and hospitalizations, we have de facto accepted house arrest and it pays off thanks to our collective will.

The academics and the awakened activists who cried out genocide were wrong. The death cult capitalists who cried out to open the borders were wrong.

Jacinda’s 90% vaccination plan was right.

Both sides of the spectrum will cry out in frustration at the loss of life to buttress their worldview.

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To all AntiVaxxers who refuse to get vaccinated, meet Covid. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but don’t complain you weren’t warned.

Along with the illness and death of the AntiVaxxers, there will be social ostracism and their inevitable plunge into an act of political violence that will see the majority of Kiwis turn against them in a macabre purge.

Until then, let’s dance madly on the lip of the volcano of life until the next mutation cripples us.

And here’s Tom with the weather forecast.

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