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I recently resigned as a board member of an entity that fired people without vaccines, which was the catalyst for the departure and this statement.

I am aware of the COVID-19 pandemic, mixed messages and vaccine requirements for employment that have affected us all in a negative way, but let me first say if this was important enough to firing people who don’t have the vaccine for a 98% virus survival rate, why unions get exemptions, why companies with less than 100 employees get exemptions and why healthcare workers and should the police get vaccinated or lose their jobs, when they risked their lives every day without vaccines available in the beginning? They took care of those who were dying or were in danger, with a very real threat to their own safety and potential death, but they came to work every day and were hailed as heroes because they didn’t let fear of the virus keep them from helping you.

I will not be hypocritical in believing in a person’s right to live as they wish and protect themselves, while sacking people who disagree with forced mandates for some but not for those in power. Politics.

Anyone reading this should remember the start of 2021 when we heard 24 hour news about staying home, not going to work and that COVID-19 is very contagious and can kill you. We complied and no one knew what was going to happen because we were hearing different points of view every night, but while we were locked in our homes the people being made redundant now had to work, risk their lives for your health and your safety and did it because they put others before their health, but these people once hailed as heroes in all media and politicians are now thrown away like old garbage because they lived in the pandemic zone and have different views because of that experience.

Wake up and realize what you allow to happen to these health care workers and police officers protecting us.

With Love and Compassion for these true Heroes
Ralph emerson



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