Letter to the Editor: On the memory of Dan Georgakas



For the publisher:

It was with pleasure and a feeling of freshness that I read “Remembering Dan and His Intellectual Honesty” (THN December 10) by Dr Constantinos Scaros, which pays homage to the integrity and honesty of a journalist colleague.

Dan Georgakas, a product of his working-class Greek education in Detroit, shamelessly expressed his sense of justice in poetry, books, films and newspaper columns. Dan, an anarchist and radical, earned the respect of his peers and the public with his logical and factual arguments. His contribution to Hellenic studies boosted Greek culture and history to our ethnic pride.

How about for Scaros to celebrate Georgakas. Scaros: “I shake my head in dismay these days when I turn on most of the TV stations that claim to provide journalism, and all I see – with rare exceptions – is comfort food handed out in ideologically divergent feeders. ” So true! “I’d rather talk with an open-minded and polite liberal than with a closed-minded and rude conservative. Well done Scaros!

Scaros touches on the reality of journalism. Business journalism lacks intellectual honesty and integrity. He confuses opinion with fact. Remember the famous saying of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts.” Ipse dixit analysis and dogma plague business journalism on both sides of the political spectrum. Loud mouths dominate the airways, encouraging entertainment odds.

Dan will be missed in the columns of the National Herald.

Michel Manoussos, Esq.

Kew Gardens, New York



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