Kauanui Guest-Edits Anarchist Studies Journal, speaks at virtual events

J. Kēhaulani Kauanui

J. Kēhaulani Kauanui, professor of American studies, edited a special 2021 issue of Anarchist development in cultural studies calledThe politics of indigeneity, anarchist praxis and decolonization»As a item for the number of the same title. Kauanui’s work focuses on Indigenous sovereignty, colonial studies of settlers, anarchist history and activism, and critical studies of race and ethnicity. Among other recent posts, in 2021, Kauanui also wrote a commentary for volume 24 of Postcolonial studies called “False dilemmas and colonial studies of settlers: response to Lorenzo Veracini: “Are colonial studies of settlers still useful?”‘”

In the past academic year, Kauanui chaired the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Native American Studies Research Committee for the Department of American Studies and also served as a consultant to some administrators and professors in regards to land recognition policy. and the recognition of the Wangunk, the indigenous people of the land where Wesleyan is found.

Additionally, Kauanui has given guest lectures (virtually) for universities around the world including UC Santa Cruz, Concordia University, York University, University of Virginia, Stanford University and University. from Melbourne. She was also the guest of Kaua’i Community public radio (KKCR), where she discussed Biden’s Native Hawaiian policy and federal recognition.

This coming fall, Kauanui, which is also an Affiliate Faculty of Anthropology, will hold a scholarship to Wesleyan’s Center for Humanities. She will be teaching a new course — CHUM378: Decolonizing Indigenous Gender and Sexuality.

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