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One of the use cases for Strobes VM is to provide customers with a way to prioritize vulnerabilities in their organization using vulnerability intelligence. Our research and engineering teams have created an advanced aggregation tool that syncs data from over 100 sources and in real time. Our goal is to ensure that the data is as accurate as possible so that it helps to effectively prioritize vulnerabilities for our customers.

Strobes VI is an Intel that comes with your Strobes subscription. Over the past few months, we have received requests from customers to use Strobes VI via API or client to enrich their existing vulnerabilities in a SIEM environment or in a SOC environment.

We are happy to announce that we are releasing a python API and client

🌀 Rest API Strobes VI

Using the Rest API is simple, just send a “GET” request to replacing cve-id.

The request will return a response with the respective CVEs:

  • Use references
  • Patch references
  • Zeroday references
  • Advisory references
  • Taxonomy references
    • OWASP
    • NIST
    • CWE
    • CAPEC
    • WASC
  • Twitter trend
  • Vulnerable products

🔧 Python API client

Currently the Strobes API is F2U and offers unlimited API calls. A full release is planned for July this year, which will limit the number of API calls that can be made every hour and will require a license key. Enjoy unlimited API calls while they last and send us your feedback


🎓 Insights

As of May 9, 2022, the tool has ingested and correlated approximately,

  • 185,860 vulnerabilities
  • 6,932 zero days
  • 45,804 vulnerabilities with exploits

Among which there are,

  • 4,556 have a priority score above 900
  • 79 120 Operating references
  • 10,898 Zeroday references

🔨 Use cases

We have collected several use cases for Strobes VI. The most popular are listed below.

Prioritization of vulnerabilities

If you’re doing a large-scale vulnerability scan with millions of vulnerabilities reported daily, it’s hard to identify which ones need immediate remediation. With Strobes VI, you can enrich vulnerabilities with intelligence that helps you identify top vulnerabilities and fixes.


Even with millions of events and threats, you can correlate vulnerability intelligence with different events directly within a SIEM platform to speed up your incident response process.


Correlate risk with vulnerability intelligence to identify top failures while adhering to best industry standards.

🚧 Roadmap

Taxonomies and Compliance

Ongoing research and development in the coming months will add mappings for GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and more.


With a full release scheduled for July 2022, we’re building integrations for major SIEM platforms like Splunk, Elasticsearch, and Qradar.

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