How a transgender, Satanist and anarchist trolled New Hampshire voters



She clearly enjoys this very chaotic moment she created in New Hampshire politics, a moment that left DiMezzo – who campaigned on an “F the Police” platform and indeed identifies as an anarchist. Transgender Satanist – as a Republican candidate for sheriff in Cheshire County, in the southwestern corner of the state.

“A lot of people tell me I need to take this more seriously,” she said as she sat on a friend’s porch one recent day, anxiously smoking at Newports Channel. “If I had taken it more seriously, I wouldn’t have won the nomination. Leave the trolling to the pros.

And what a troll’s job that was.

DiMezzo, who is libertarian, said she was unable to vote for her party, so she instead registered as a Republican for the primary. She did this primarily to be a parasite, but she also wondered if she could lure voters into a trap that would prove a problem with our political system, which is that people will vote blindly for any candidate on the list. of their party.

“I ran unopposed, but if people were careful I should have gotten 25 votes and lost to a written candidate,” DiMezzo said.

Instead, she received over 4,000 votes.

Many of those voters are now pretty crazy, going after DiMezzo online, though it’s hard for them to claim that she tricked them into simply hiding herself and her beliefs.

Since moving to Keene from Mississippi two years ago, drawn to a loose collective of libertarian activists known as the Free Keene, DiMezzo has been hard to miss. She ran for the sheriff as a libertarian two years ago, and for city council last year with a platform to legalize magic mushrooms and “Eat the Rich”.

And for this year’s campaign for the sheriff, his lawn signs clearly feature the anarchist symbol of an “A” inside a circle, as well as the phrase “F the police.” (His campaign website is

“Plus I’m a 6ft tall tranny with red hair and tattoos driving around town in a red convertible,” she said. “I am very hard to forget.”

She said she avoided the temptation to read the more than 14,000 comments on FoxNews history – “I don’t hate myself enough for doing this” – but that the reaction to Keene, a college town that leans towards the left, has been mostly positive. .

As she was being interviewed on the porch, a man walking down the street with a young boy did a double take when he spotted her, then yelled “You’re a star!” “

For those unhappy to find out that they voted for a troll, she said they have only themselves to blame. “It is the consequence of your actions,” she said. “I gave you the rope and you hanged yourself. Four thousand people put me in the highest law enforcement position in the county without knowing anything about me, which is ultimately an argument for anarchism.

Marilyn Huston, President of the Cheshire County GOP, did not respond to a call for comment. But in an NH Journal article, Huston said DiMezzo “doesn’t fit the Republican message” in an interview where Huston allegedly referred to DiMezzo as “he” on several occasions.

DiMezzo shrugs his shoulders at all of these things. “A trans person should be able to run for office without ruffling their feathers, but whatever,” she said.

Now that she’s won the nomination, DiMezzo insists it’s more than just a hit, that she, in fact, wants the job, and plans to actively campaign against the outgoing sheriff, the Democrat. Eli Rivera, who is running for a fifth term. in November.

“I don’t expect to win. And if I do, I suspect that the deputies will resign as soon as I am sworn in, ”she said. “Otherwise, I’ll give them three options. You can stay at the station and play Xbox. You can go out and watch the police. Or you can go home.

As for the giant, ill-drawn penis – a tire was also punctured, along with the top of her convertible – DiMezzo said she had no desire to know who had done it. Several people have raised the possibility that she did it herself, which she ruled out; she suspects they were teenagers playing a role they think they were supposed to play.

It made her laugh, yes, but it also caused her to make a big change in her wardrobe: she now goes everywhere with a handgun clearly strapped to her hip.

What she didn’t do was call the police.

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