How a Crypto Founder Went From Skeptical Mormon Teenager to Raver Transgender Anarchist – The Information


Tux Pacific dreams of anarchy. “We have to convince people to opt out of the current system of things,” they said. “We must render the state powerless.” The founder of crypto company Entropy, Pacific (who uses the pronouns they/them) is a rarity in Silicon Valley circles, and not just because they’re transgender. They also express their position as a liberal anarchist and anti-capitalist, which means that Pacific still wants a free market economic system, but without state involvement. Crypto is their path to that goal, and in June they co-signed their vision via a $25 million funding round led by Andressen Horowitz.

While crypto market Coinbase holds assets on behalf of its customers – a distinctly centralized practice – Entropy uses complicated cryptography to allow users to store and access their crypto in a decentralized way. Pacific compared its core product to a sort of Google Authenticator for digital assets: Entropy will validate user transactions without actually storing their assets. Here, the 26-year-old founder walks us through his unconventional life path, from his Mormon upbringing to his journey through NFT.NYC.


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