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Each year, SINET evaluates technologies and products from around the world with hundreds of cybersecurity companies considered. Of these, 16 are chosen to be the most innovative, known as SINET16 Innovators. This year, GrammaTech is proud to be recognized as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity companies by SINET.

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What makes the SINET16 Innovator Awards so coveted is that past winners have had great success in the market – achieving unicorn status, going public, and being acquired as CrowdStrike, Cylance, Duo, FireEye, Menlo Security and others. Innovative cybersecurity companies are evaluated by the SINET selection committee, a notable group of over 117 industry experts including private and government security professionals with top risk executives, experts from government intelligence and defense agencies, venture capitalists and investment bankers.

SINET has used the following criteria to evaluate businesses and products / services based on the following (taken directly from the SINET website):

  • Urgency in the market for their products and solutions
  • How innovative and unique their solutions are
  • How well do their products and technologies solve real and important cybersecurity issues
  • What are the advantages over other solutions
  • The ability of companies to succeed based on the state of their product, their capital and their leadership
  • For very start-ups or small businesses, specific business plans outlining future growth will be a component of the assessment.

GrammaTech was selected from a pool of 190 candidates from 18 countries, after two rounds of Evaluation speak SINET Evaluation Committee and was appointed SINET16 Innovator Award winner 2021.

We’re known for our revolutionary binary analytics capabilities that give organizations visibility into risk and security vulnerabilities in the out-of-the-box business applications they use to support their business. Using GrammaTech CodeSentry, companies are able to find open source components in their critical software and detect exploitable vulnerabilities by scanning application binaries, while generating their own software nomenclature (SBOM). The importance of SBOMs is increasing with the increased awareness of the software supply chain. Security. SBOMs, among other benefits, allow organizations to leverage their software vendors to remediate vulnerabilities and proactively prevent threats.

Read more in our Press release. And, to learn more about CodeSentry today, request a demo.

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