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As most “Sons of Anarchy” fans would tell, for most of the show on FX, the tallest, baddest, and beefiest brother in the SAMCRO fleet was one Clay Morrow. Played by the great Ron Perlman, Morrow proved to be a brutal but demanding pack leader not to be laughed at during his six seasons on the show. That run ended in bloodshed, of course, as it did with most of the main cast members of “Sons of Anarchy.” It seems Perlman may not have been too sad to leave the show, as he apparently wasn’t a particular fan of motorcycles to begin with.

The beloved actor claimed as much in a cheeky 2018 Instagram post on an “SOA” set photo with the caption, “I have to admit I look pretty bad—on the bike. Pretty sexy. Pretty gangsta. I also have to admit…bikes don’t like me. And it’s mutual.” Longtime Perlman co-star Maggie Siff (who played Tara Knowles) confirmed Perlman’s dislike of motorcycles in a 2012 interview with USA Today, offering, “Isn’t that funny? ”

According to his 2015 comments on NPR Fresh Air, Perlman started learning to ride motorcycles for a movie that never happened. The experience wasn’t pleasant, with the actor joking, “Let’s put it this way – I’d rather eat Haagen-Dazs.” Given the negative experience, it’s a bit of a surprise that Perlman is back in the saddle for “Sons of Anarchy.” Knowing what we know now, it’s a true testament to Perlman’s skill that he still managed to look so cool atop his helicopter given how much he clearly didn’t like it .

Actor Daniel Raggett on reviving the investigation into the accidental death of an anarchist from Fo Thu, 22 Sep 2022 10:43:14 +0000

One of the most important provocations when creating a play is: why this, why now?

You’d think that would be a tough question to answer to play like Accidental death of an anarchist – a play written in 1970, about an anarchist railway worker, Giuseppe Pinelli, who died after falling from the window of the fourth floor of the police station where he was detained.

Pinelli had been wrongly arrested for a bombing in which he was not involved, questioned and ultimately killed and, although the police were strongly suspected of murdering him, an investigation absolved the officers.

Tom Basden’s version updated the play to the present day, but from this description the parallels are immediately clear. Deaths at the hands of the police remain all too frequent. Just last week, the Metropolitan Police shot and killed an unarmed man named Chris Kaba. Tragically, his murder is just the latest in a long string of deaths at the hands of the police.

As part of our production research, we spoke to a charity called Inquest. Inquest provides expertise in ‘state-related deaths’ and their statistics show there have been 1,833 deaths in police custody or following contact with police in England and Wales since 1990 20 of them are this year alone – an alarming statistic. We become accustomed to the violence perpetrated by those who are meant to serve and protect. Obviously, not much has changed since Dario Fo and Franca Rame started performing the piece over 50 years ago.

Interestingly, perhaps uniquely, Accidental death of an anarchist addresses this tragedy through farce. Fo was a populist. He wanted his work to have broad appeal, to be watchable and democratic, and to be seen by as many people as possible. Tom’s adaptation, just like the original, is incredibly funny. It’s packed with incisive jokes and hilarious physical comedy, all delivered by a talented cast of actors playing a wide variety of characters.

The ringleader of this is The Maniac, the central character originally played by Fo – an apparent “madman” who disrupts the police cover-up as he pokes holes in their official statements. The Maniac is an agent of chaos, descended from the commedia dell’arte harlequin. As he walks the police through their version of events – which in Fo’s original would have been taken directly from the officer’s testimony – their lies become more outlandish and illogical and he highlights their attempts preposterous to hide their guilt. The logic of the madman – that of the paradox – highlights the logic of the sane. Suddenly, the “fool” seems the most sane of the lot.

It is not very easy for us to find examples of cover-up and/or lack of accountability – be it Hillsborough or Orgeave, the shooting of Mark Duggan or the Spycops scandal. Indeed, the historical truth of these events and their unresolved nature sit alongside Pinelli’s story.

Thus, the public laughs at the satire, but at the same time realizes that they are laughing at real situations, real abuses of power, criminal, obscene and brutal events – all covered up by the state. And so the laugh becomes a grimace, a grimace of recognition that dies on their lips.

Hopefully that’s what sticks with an audience, the uncomfortable taste that we’re laughing at a little too close to home. Are we tired of the endless cycle of outrage and inquiry that characterizes our world? Are we even aware of power systems that dehumanize their subjects perpetuating the status quo? An acknowledgment of these uncomfortable truths lies in that laughter.

As Fo says, the play doesn’t allow you the catharsis of drama because “when you laugh, the sediment of anger stays inside you and can’t come out…”

Accidental Death of an Anarchist is at the Tanya Moiseiwitsch Playhouse, Sheffield from September 23 to October 15

]]> An Empire Collapses: Nights of Plague, by Orhan Pamuk, review Wed, 21 Sep 2022 23:20:35 +0000

plague nights

Orhan Pamuk, translated by Ekin Oklap

Faberp. 704£20

Welcome to Mingheria, ‘pearl of the Levant’. On a spring day, at the dawn of the 20th century, you disembark on this “calm and charming island” south of Rhodes from a comfortable steamer after sailing from Smyrna, Piraeus or Alexandria. A crew of Greek or Muslim boatmen will take you to the picturesque port of Arkaz, flanked by the radiant White Mountain and the dark turrets of the medieval castle.

The scents of honeysuckle, linden and famous Mingher roses float on azure seas. Admire ancient churches and newer mosques, the neo-classical State Hall, grand buildings funded by the Sultan’s government in faraway Istanbul. Savor figs, oil, nuts and cheeses in the bustling markets. As for those rumors of banditry by Orthodox or Islamist renegades in the bare hills: mischievous chatter. Infection? You won’t find any disease here…

Orhan Pamuk started writing his tenth novel in 2016. In 2020, reality caught up with the Turkish Nobel laureate. plague nights
chronicles eight months of plague, confinement and terror on a fictional Aegean island. In 1901, an epidemic of plague struck its people – an equal number of Christians and Muslims – while the tottering and panicked Ottoman state lost its grip.

In his novels of Istanbul then and now, Pamuk relishes meticulous and immersive world-building. He rebuilt the city street by street, smell by smell, brick by brick. On 700 pages, he does the same for the imaginary Mingheria. His dream island is home to a “three-dimensional fairy tale” – the backdrop for a densely hatched parable not only of an epidemic and its consequences, but also of nationalism, modernity and the identity of band. Along the way, he discovers “mysterious links…between history and objects, nations and writing”.

Pamuk presents his diary of a plague year as an account compiled by a modern historian from letters written by Princess Pakize. She is the invented daughter of the current Ottoman Sultan Murad V, who in 1876 was deposed and detained in the palace by his reformist but authoritarian brother Abdul Hamid II. Raised in a golden cage, Pakize finds a kind of release in marriage to the progressive “doctor and prince consort” Nuri. After the murder on Mingheria of the head of the Ottoman public health, Bonkowski Pasha, Nuri and Pakize are sent there. They must hunt down the culprits and fight a rampant epidemic that the weakened empire wants to deny.

Back in Istanbul, Abdul Hamid devours detective novels (as he really did). The rebel provinces break away; the Imperial card “keeps shrinking”. On Mingheria, the “methods of Sherlock Holmes” and scientific epidemiology compete with cruder investigative measures (arbitrary detention, mass isolation, flogging and incineration). New brains and old brawn collide in the search for both Bonkowski’s shadowy killers and the sources of the plague.

The stricken Mingheria becomes a microcosm of Ottoman twilight. As the death toll mounts, the island’s kind and conciliatory governor, Sami Pasha – with his two-dial pocket watch that tells the time in both Western and Ottoman fashion – sees the authority slip away. The wealthy Greeks fled. Suspicious Muslims, inflamed by sectarians, revolt against confinement: “No one ever wants a quarantine. From the lodges of the “charlatan sheikhs” to the damp cells where the victims of the “chief scrutineer” Mazhar Effendi shiver, Pamuk stuffs his Mingherian map with precise, almost obsessive details. It thickens the texture but slows the pace. Ekin Oklap’s cleverly worded translation captures our historian’s meticulously pedantic, sometimes turtle-footed storytelling. Take it easy, though, and the island saga can exert the hypnotic pull of those historical soap operas that Turkish television does so well.

In this “period of anarchy”, the agitation turns into insurrection, both religious and secular. The rise of Mingherian ‘romantic nationalism’, led by the dashing Major Kâmil, enabled Pamuk to hurl underhanded barbed darts at the official Turkish cult of Ataturk. On the reborn island, the mystique of a holy nation and its unique language make the assertion of Mingherian identity “as sacred as an act of prayer”.

Soon “nationalist fervor blurs the boundaries between…myth and reality”. Minghérie becomes an island of ideas, twinned with Atlantis or Utopia. Yet the novel also traces the grotesque progression of the plague as faith and science clash: the sheikhs’ “esoteric knowledge” on one side, “germs and Lysol” on the other. Palace coups and popular uprisings multiply as the plague summer repeats, at high speed and in miniature, the history of revolutionary times. A belated twist puts the princess and her doctor husband in the spotlight. On this “stage of world history”, Pakize will not waste his privileged life “standing in a corner like a withered rose”.

As he oscillates between saga and satire, mystery and pseudo-history, plague nights can feel as overloaded as an Arkaz boatman’s caique. Pamuk, however, exhibits charm and cunning as he keeps his bulky cargo afloat and moving. If this generous hybrid of epidemic soap opera and novel of ideas has calmed the patches, it stirs the senses and bends the spirit. You will be sad to leave the lavishly imagined Mingheria, where “a view of the sea and a trace of its fragrance” can always “make life worth living again”.

“Thank God life can finally get back to normal.”
Why? – The Island Wed, 21 Sep 2022 00:06:53 +0000

Another open letter to the Minister of Agriculture


It seems that you are being pressured by various people to promote fossil toxins and additives in agriculture with no apparent regard for the welfare of our people. The author quotes: “It was best expressed by Bombastus Paracelsus (1493 -1541), the father of the science of pharmacology. He postulated that “all substances are poisons; there is none that is not a poison. It is the dosage that differentiates poison and remedy”. This saying has been used by proponents of agrotoxins to justify their use in agriculture. But what has been ignored is the reality of biological magnification.

Biological magnification, or biomagnification, is the increasing accumulation of toxic substances in organisms that occurs at each step of the food chain. I hope that the doctor promoting Glyphosate has studied biology. If he did, he would know the reality of biological magnification (fig 1)

He claims that the Yahapalana The president was mistakenly convinced that glyphosate was the cause of CKDu and banned it. This, he says, is false, because “it is now known that the etiolation agent of CKDu is hard water and fluoride in high dug wells. Those who drank river or reservoir (surface) water did not contaminate the disease.

This statement goes against current research which shows that those who drank water from the irrigation system loaded with agrotoxins suffer from a much higher CKDu load than those who drank from wells and springs. . Their data suggests that it was upstream irrigation water that introduced the toxins to the drinking water of lowland communities.

Yes, it is true that the phenomenal success of adding value to our export crops through certified organic products has grown from 50 hectares of certified organic land to 49,000 ha in less than 22 years, without any government support. A fully successful private enterprise initiative that was hijacked by the government. Sycophants and bureaucrats hope to save foreign funds by advising a naïve president to ban agrochemicals. But the presidential fiasco has no impact on the international market for certified organic products. In these desperate times when every dollar of foreign exchange earned is critical, it is amusing to see the proponents of chemical agriculture trying to justify their trade by suppressing organic production.

What any smart person needs to do now is address the issue of human health in agriculture and ask when non-communicable diseases (NCDs) started increasing within the agricultural community. We will see that this is a phenomenon that began in the early 1970s. Then ask yourself the question: did we change anything in the management of our agricultural systems at that time? Yes, we did, we introduced the “green revolution” system of subsidized fossil farming and changed our traditional farming systems. There is a strong correlation between the appearance of NTMs and chemical agriculture, but nobody seems to want to wake this beast.

Chemical farming offers chemical manufacturers an insidious way to hook humanity to their products. It was in the 70s when chemical farming was being promoted, honest researchers pointed out the addictive nature of the system. To produce twice as much food required ten or fifteen times more energy (in kilocalories) than before and this energy comes from fossil fuels. Also, when you add fossil-derived chemicals to the soil, they tend to destroy the soil ecosystem until the farm can’t produce without those chemicals. The farm’s soil has become addicted to chemicals, without which they cannot produce.

This is why the nation is in such a dilemma, we are addicted and as the doctor says, “The country, or for that matter, the world cannot move away from conventional agriculture and agrochemicals” . That’s true, but it’s due to addiction. If his education was a little broader, he would know that the world, including agriculture, is facing a crisis with the onset of climate change. He should know that it is the fossil-based agriculture he promotes that is one of the main reasons for the crisis. Advocating for spilling gasoline on a burning planet is not the best advice.

Another important statement is that “farmers say they need to invest three to four times more for hand weeding after the glyphosate ban”. So, is the only benefit of using glyphosate giving the farmer time off from hand weeding? Perhaps the doctor was too young to remember the “rice weeding campaign” of the 1960s where the government helped city children help the farmer with the task of hand weeding. The National Geographic reported a 200% increase in harvests. It was an incredible national effort, until politicians felt threatened and disbanded it.

A weed is just a plant that is out of place in any system, which is why glyphosate must be toxic to a wide range of plants to be a weed killer. Unfortunately, it is also toxic to microorganisms that are essential for healthy soil as well as proper gut function in most animals. The damage this chemical causes to the soil ecosystem and human health by destroying many beneficial microorganisms has yet to be addressed.

Minister, the following statement from the farmers of Sri Lanka made at the CGIAR meeting in Brasilia in May 1998 could not be clearer:

“We, the farmers of Sri Lanka, would again like to thank the CGIAR for taking an interest in us. We believe that we speak for all our brothers and sisters around the world when we identify ourselves as a community fully linked to the success of global food security. In fact, it is our community that has contributed to the possibility of food security in every country since mankind evolved from a hunter-gatherer existence. We have observed for many years the progression of experts, scientists and development workers crossing our communities with this or that facet of the modern scientific world. We admit that at the beginning we were not warned about the outside world and we welcomed this contribution. We followed the advice and planted according to the instructions. The result has been a loss of the seed varieties we have carried with us through history, often spanning three millennia or more. The result has been total reliance on high-input crops that have robbed us of crop independence. Moreover, we food-producing farmers, respected for our ability to feed people, have been turned into poisoners of the earth and living beings, including human beings. The result in Sri Lanka is that we suffer from social and cultural dislocation and suffer the highest number of pesticide-related deaths on the planet. Was this the legacy that you, the agronomists, wanted to bring to us? We think not. We believe you had good motives and good intentions, but left things in the hands of uneducated and insensitive people.

We are in a time where personal agendas trump national agendas, where glyphosate is being promoted, by people called conservationists who are killing large numbers of endangered species to be recognized. When the chemical sales agenda begins to take precedence over public health and biodiversity conservation issues. When doctors promote toxins.

Minister, our founding father, the Right Honorable DS Senanayake, spoke of his vision for the nation as “educated gentleman farmers”.

But the years that followed saw the education, culture and now the very health of our rural population compromised. As occupant of this august pulpit, will you act?

Dr. Ranil Senanayake

The Untold Truth of International Women’s Day Mon, 19 Sep 2022 18:53:00 +0000

International Women’s Day has spread around the world, but for many its meaning has changed. Along with some conscious attempts to steer the modern holiday away from its radical ways, it has increasingly been used as a marketing opportunity. Although the day was originally intended to bring women together to improve their situation, recently women are encouraged to buy things to celebrate their contributions to society.

Many have criticized companies that use International Women’s Day as an opportunity to market their products to women without making any meaningful contribution to women’s rights. As Vogue describes, one of the most common ways companies use to participate in International Women’s Day is to sell shirts with feminist slogans. Generally, this is better received by the public when sales proceeds are donated to charities that support women, but it can still seem hypocritical if the brand in question has not made tangible attempts to promote gender equality. within his own company.

These symbolic nods to the significance of International Women’s Day include at least a connection to the historical roots of the holiday. In other parts of the world, some traditions focus more on giving gifts than organizing labor rights. Buying gifts associated with Valentine’s Day has become a staple of many International Women’s Day celebrations, according to History. In China, International Women’s Day has been a popular holiday for a long time, but it’s more about shopping, fashion and beauty in its modern form.

Russian anarchist couple found guilty of hooliganism for criticizing the FSB Mon, 19 Sep 2022 11:56:23 +0000

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has called on members of the UN Security Council to stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, warning that the Kremlin leader’s invasion of Ukraine and annexation attempts by much of its territory threatened to destroy the international order.

Live briefing: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

RFE/RL Live briefing gives you all the latest developments on the ongoing Russian invasion, Kyiv counter-offensive, Western military aid, global reaction, Russian protests and the plight of civilians. For all of RFE/RL’s coverage of the war, click here.

Putin is pushing four Kremlin-controlled territories of Ukraine to hold contested votes for annexation to the Russian Federation from September 23 amid the biggest conflict in Europe since World War II.

“The very international order that we have gathered here to defend is being torn apart before our eyes. We can’t — we won’t — allow President Putin to get away with this,” Blinken said Sept. 22 in New York.

Blinken said international support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is aimed at protecting an international order, in which no nation can redraw another’s borders by force.

“If we fail to defend this principle, when the Kremlin violates it so blatantly, we send the message to aggressors everywhere that they can ignore it too. We are putting every country at risk,” he said.

He said Putin was “violently uprooting” thousands of Ukrainians and bringing in Russian citizens to manipulate the results of this week’s vote on annexation, calling it an “evil strategy”.

The top US diplomat also told the Security Council that there was “growing” evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine and said he supported international efforts to collect and examine the evidence.

He described the violence as a “pattern” of Russian soldiers’ behavior and not as isolated acts of rogue units.

The UN “must hold the perpetrators accountable for these crimes”, he said.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan were due to brief the 15-member Security Council on investigations into possible war crimes in Ukraine.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and representatives from several EU states and Belarus were due to speak.

Ukraine’s chief war crimes prosecutor is reportedly investigating nearly 26,000 alleged war crimes since the Russian invasion in February. Ukraine has charged 135 people with war crimes and officials recently said they discovered new mass graves containing bodies, some with their hands tied behind their backs, when Ukrainian forces retook the town of Izyum in the eastern Ukraine, during a major counter-offensive.

Russia has denied targeting civilians during what it calls its “special military operation”, describing the accusations of human rights abuses as a smear campaign.

The September 22 meeting marks the 20th time the Security Council has met to discuss the war in Ukraine this year. But despite Russia’s unprovoked invasion and subsequent accusations that its forces committed war crimes, the Security Council was unable to take meaningful action against Moscow because of Russia’s veto power. Russia as one of the body’s five permanent members.

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy has called for Russia to be stripped of its veto power.

In a pre-recorded message to the General Assembly on September 21, Zelenskiy demanded that a special United Nations tribunal impose “just punishment” on Russia for its invasion.

Earlier in the day, US President Joe Biden said Moscow “shamelessly violated fundamental principles” of the UN Charter with its “brutal and unnecessary war”.

China, which enjoys friendly relations with Moscow and also holds veto power as a permanent member of the Security Council, will also be represented at the September 22 meeting.

During a discussion on the sidelines of the General Assembly on September 21, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Lavrov that his country would maintain an “objective” and “fair” position regarding the war in Ukraine, which is the one of China’s major trading partners.

On the same day, China called for a “ceasefire through dialogue” and respect for the “territorial integrity” of all countries.

The comments by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin came after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial military mobilization to bolster his forces in Ukraine.

Putin’s decree follows the September 20 announcement that Russian-occupied regions in eastern and southern Ukraine plan to hold votes on their incorporation into Russia.

The decision to hold referendums, which contradict international law and the UN Charter and which Western countries have already refused to recognize, is due to start on September 23 in the Ukrainian regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya. All regions are partially controlled by Russian forces and are areas where Moscow has recently lost territorial gains.

Parts of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, which collectively make up Ukraine’s Eastern Donbass region, have been under Russian-imposed administration since Moscow-backed separatist forces began fighting Kyiv in 2014.

Putin said his goal was to “liberate” Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region, claiming without providing any evidence that most people in the region did not want to return to what he called the “yoke” of Israel. Ukraine.

With information from Reuters and AFP
Court Hearing Scheduled for Monday in Baltimore’s Adnan Syed Case | app Sat, 17 Sep 2022 15:11:25 +0000

BALTIMORE (AP) — A hearing was set for Monday in Baltimore to consider a request by prosecutors to overturn the 2000 murder conviction of Adnan Syed, whose case was chronicled on the hit “Serial” podcast.

Baltimore Circuit Judge Melissa Phinn scheduled the hearing for 2 p.m., the Baltimore Sun reported.

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For additional copyright information, see the distributor of this article, The Baltimore Sun.

Cash On Your Mobile – Cash Loans Perth announces it offers accessible cash financial loan services Sat, 17 Sep 2022 07:10:02 +0000

Cash On Your Mobile – Cash Loans Perth is a premier financial lending company. In a recent update, the office said it offers accessible cash financial services.

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If you need to avail small loans no credit check, you must try BadCredit loans in the United States today. The platform allows availing loans from $50 to $5000 without any hassle.

You don’t have to get involved in so much paper work or documentation. As long as you have a stable job or a source of income, you are ready to opt for no credit check loans.

The best part of using bad credit loans from this platform is that you have flexible repayment methods.

We cannot escape refunds. But, when flexibility is granted, you have it easy. You can decide on a monthly installment and a repayment term, which is great.

If you manage to collect funds sooner, you can repay the lump sum and remain tension-free. There are no fees imposed for early repayment, which is also a great feature.

We like that the platform offers multiple quotes. When you have many quotes, it is easy for you to make decisions.


  • Secure and simple site
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Affordable interest rate for bad credit

The inconvenients

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Conclusion: don’t lose hope

We agree that having a bad credit rating can make things dark and disappointing. But, you have to understand that it’s not the end of the world. You must keep hope and refer to the best online loans platforms without credit check which we have just discussed in this article.

Although all three platforms deserve your consideration, we still recommend the top three picks, WeLoans, USBadCreditLoan, and CocoLoan. They all have a very impressive lender network that goes through extensive background checks. Therefore, things are simple, straight and secure with them.

The best part is that they can provide various types of bad credit loans through direct lenders with no credit check. Whether you need a small installment loan or a payday loan, you’ll get it instantly. So don’t let bad credit define you. Try these online marketplaces and avail loans without credit check.

‘Shantaram’: Charlie Hunnam is on the run in action-packed trailer (VIDEO) | Entertainment Wed, 14 Sep 2022 20:05:29 +0000

Apple TV+ is giving viewers a first look at its upcoming drama Shantaram featuring Sons of Anarchy former Charlie Hunnam.

Based on the internationally bestselling novel by Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram takes viewers on an adventure following Hunnam’s Lin Ford, a man who gets lost in the vibrant chaos of 1980s Bombay, India. As he travels through the Unknown City, Lin struggles to avoid the trouble he’s been running from, as the teaser trailer above teases.

(Credit: Apple TV+)

After falling in love with an intriguing woman named Karla, Lin is forced to choose between freedom or love and all the complications that come with it. Scheduled for a world premiere on Friday, October 14, Shantaram will make its worldwide debut with three episodes and release a new episode every week until December 16.

In addition to introducing Hunnam, ShantaramThe cast of includes Shubham Saraf, Elektra Kilbey, Fayssal Bazzi, Luke Pasqualino, Antonia Desplat, Alyy Khan, Sujaya Dasgupta, Vincent Perez, David Field, Alexander Siddig, Gabrielle Scharnitzky, Elham Ehsas, Rachel Kamath, Matthew Joseph and Shiv Palekar.

Co-created, written and directed by Steve Lightfoot, he serves as showrunner on the project. Meanwhile, director Bharat Nalluri, co-creator Eric Warren Singer, Andrea Barron, Nicole Clemens, Steve Golin and Justin Kurzel are joining Lightfoot as executive producers.

Produced for Apple by Paramount Television Studios and AC Studios of Anonymous Content, Shantaram is an epic tale that streamers won’t want to miss. Take a first look above and find out Shantaram when it premiered on Apple TV+.

ShantaramSeries premiere, Friday, October 14, Apple TV+

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