Dumbphone Sales Soar, John Oliver Blackmails Congress, Cicada Chinese APT Group


More and more young people seem to be choosing dumbphones over smartphones, but is it for privacy reasons or because it’s trendy? John Oliver, host of the “Last Week Tonight” show, used data brokers to get the digital fingerprints of lawmakers and promised not to release the data until Congress passes privacy legislation. More details on state-sponsored Chinese hacking group Cicada that hid in their victims’ networks for nine months.

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Dumbphone sales skyrocket as people revolt against ‘crushing’ smartphones

John Oliver blackmails Congress with his own digital data

Full Video – Data Brokers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

These sneaky hackers hid in their victims’ networks for nine months

Cigale: the Chinese group APT widens its targeting in its recent espionage activities

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