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What if you could improve your daily productivity by knowing your mood hour by hour?
We didn’t know that this simple question would forever change our perception of productivity and mental health. With the launch of TypingDNA Focus BETA, you are now able to see how your mood changes throughout the day, use this information for better focus and improve your productivity.

What will I learn about myself?

TypingDNA Focus leverages patent-pending biometric typing technology and analytics How? ‘Or’ What you type to find out when you are most focused, tired, stressed, happy, energetic and calm.

Armed with this data, you’ll know how you really feel hour by hour, better plan your daily activities, and improve your productivity and mental health.

  • You will learn when you are the most concentrated & calm so you can better manage your to-do list ??
  • You will learn when you are stress & tiredness so you can take a little walk to clear your mind before the next meeting ??
  • You will learn when you are the most energetic & happy so you can double down and do more of these activities ??

We also give you access to your typing activity dashboard so you can see how your mood changes throughout the day based on your typing behavior.

And what’s really cool about TypingDNA Focus is that it doesn’t require manual input from the user. It just runs in the background, passively analyzing the way you type to accurately predict your mood. No more handwritten journals or mood journals to worry about.

Free passive mood tracking app

Can you see what I’m typing?

We take privacy seriously.

TaperDNA Focus will see How? ‘Or’ What you type, no What you type. Running in the background, our AI-powered technology analyzes your typing patterns right on your device, so your typing data never leaves your computer or is stored in the cloud. This privacy-focused approach keeps your data secure and will not be shared with third parties of any kind.

A fitness tracker for the mind

As of December 2020, this experimental app has learned over 2 million data points to create mood prediction models and provide insightful statistics. But this is only the beginning! The TypingDNA team is tinkering to add even more features, moods, actionable insights, and even a mobile version to track your sanity and productivity on the go.

Mood tracking app for mental health and productivity on the go

Download TypingDNA Focus today

The InputDNA Focus BETA The app is free and currently available to macOS users.

If you’ve taken part in public research before and achieved your typing goals, you have full access, while new macOS users will be able to unlock additional moods by inviting five friends to join the desktop app.

Windows users might see a release coming soon. In the meantime, join the Public research program and we’ll unlock all of Focus’s features when it’s available for Windows.

Welcome to the future of #typingbiometrics. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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