Daughter of hateful anarchist who attacked Jacob Rees-Mogg condemns her father


Anarchist Ian Bone’s daughter has condemned his hateful tirade against Jacob Rees-Mogg’s family – and revealed he was an absent father to his own children.

Josephine Bone spoke out after the left winger sparked outrage by confronting the Tory MP and his wife at their doorstep and telling four of their six children that their father was “horrible” and that “people hate “.

She said Bone had not been a part of her life since she was six and had failed to financially support her mother and siblings after her parents’ marriage ended.

47-year-old daughter Josephine said her father abandoned her when she was six

Father absent: Class war activist Ian Bone, left, and his 47-year-old daughter Joséphine

Speaking exclusively to the Mail on Sunday, Ms Bone, 47, said: ‘I was raised by my mother. My father moved when I was six and he was no longer supporting his family. at all.

“My mom moved us all to Newcastle and he stayed in South Wales. I don’t think the relationship between her and my dad was very good but in truth I just don’t know. They have been separated for over 40 years.

Ms Bone, a senior executive for a global company, said she was shocked by her father’s attack on the Rees-Moggs and believes he has no real political agenda “other than raising the scum and shout at people he considers toffs “.

Although Bone has publicly insisted he doesn’t regret her outburst of hatred, she said he apologized to her over the phone after she “disgusted” him.

Ms Bone said: “He should just stay home and put on his slippers. He doesn’t listen to me. But I needed to be absolutely clear that this kind of activity is something I could never support. He certainly knows what I’m thinking and he apologized.

“If he wants to yell at MPs on street corners, okay. But when their kids are brought in, it’s completely different.

“He should have looked at this situation, along with Mr. Rees-Mogg, his wife, the children and the nanny, then walked away. But he went on and did something stupid.

“It’s fair enough if people say to him now, ‘How would you like them to be your kids?’ “

“I am his child and I have two daughters. So it is fair that I address this issue.

“He was a total idiot. It was a silly thing to do, but hopefully that will be forgotten and he will make different choices in the future.

Ms Bone, who is married to a senior litigator, said her parents separated after what she called an “academic relationship”.

Activist Ian Bone (right, in flat cap) was filmed accosting the Rees-Mogg family and telling the children that their father is not paying their nanny Veronica Crook (in black)

Activist Ian Bone (right, in flat cap) abused Jacob Rees-Mogg and targeted his children in an abusive rant outside their London home

She declined to give further details but said she kept in touch with her father because “despite everything he does, he’s my father”. Speaking from her home, a secluded period property in Portishead, near Bristol – bought for £ 500,000 seven years ago – she said Bone’s political views didn’t do much with her own children .

“My brothers and sisters and I – we’ve all taken the corporate route,” she said. “We took a different path. We have never been rebels like him.

“He came to my house once, but we’re not dating. I only know what he does when he’s in the headlines.

“It doesn’t take into account what we’re going to think. His thing is standing around corners and yelling at people.

“I don’t even know what his political views are, other than raising the scum and yelling at the people he considers toffs. It’s like a hobby for him.

“He relishes the confrontation. He absolutely benefits from it. He particularly enjoys advertising.

“Maybe there is a genuine case sometimes and despite all its cries, so far it hasn’t really been harmful. But this time it was certainly harmful.

Bone, pictured in the High Court in February, refused to discuss his own children despite believing the MP's offspring to be a fair target

Bone, pictured in the High Court in February, refused to discuss his own children as he believed the MP’s offspring were a fair target

She said she was unable to watch videos and news articles published last week showing the 71-year-old’s abuse against Old Etonian Mr Rees-Mogg, his family and their nanny outside their home in Westminster.

At the head of a small group of activists, he told the young people: “Your daddy is a totally horrible person. A lot of people don’t like your daddy, you know that? He probably didn’t tell you. Lots of people hate him.

Ms Bone said: “Fortunately, Mr Rees-Mogg seemed pretty upbeat about it all and fair play to him.

“Other than the obvious fact that my father’s actions were completely unacceptable, what good is it?”

“All he has done is build public support and sympathy for Mr. Rees-Mogg. It’s just a big goal against his own camp.

– But he’s not stupid. He is very intelligent, very social, bright, articulate and he can be very funny. He’s never done anything like this before and I hope he never will.

Bone admitted to the Mail on Sunday that he had been an absent father after separating from 25-year-old Ms Bone’s mother. “They moved from Swansea to Newcastle and I rarely saw them around that time,” he said.

Apart from the £ 400,000 detached house in south London he shares with his longtime partner Jane, he has also confirmed that his daughter gave him a harsh conversation. “It wasn’t a happy bird,” he says. “She gave me the right to reprimand.


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