Credit account: Everyone has a right to it!

An account is one of the things you have to have today – because almost nothing, especially in times of the Internet, is possible without an account. Be it the conclusion of contracts that require an account or payment in advance in order to take advantage of cheap offers on the Internet.

However, anyone who gets into over-indebtedness often has the problem that one can suddenly be left without an account: If the account is overdrawn or the overdraft facility is used permanently, many banks apply the emergency brake – at the latest when the account is seized – and cancel the account.

An account termination in itself would not be a problem

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But one problem is that after an account termination due to an account attachment or due to the permanent overdrafting of the account there is a negative Schufa entry, which alerts every other bank and they often refuse to open an account. In an application to open an account, consent to the storage of personal data and comparison with the Schufa is mandatory, which will then make you aware of the personal situation of your new customer.

Breaking the account usually triggers an avalanche of follow-up problems, because from an account the direct debit is used to collect the telephone fees, pay the rent and much more – things that then no longer (almost all telephone providers or landlords refuse to pay cash) or only are possible with considerable additional effort.

A bank is not obliged to give a customer an account of their choice

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However, it is obliged to set up a so-called credit account for a customer. The banks imposed the obligation themselves with the voluntary commitment to anticipate a bill that was planned at the time, ie: Everyone has the right to a credit account!
 It is often argued that banks can still decide “voluntarily” whether to open a credit account or not – this is wrong, because their voluntary nature only relates to the submission of the voluntary commitment at the time to grant every citizen a credit account!

Unfortunately, many banks often forget their commitment at the latest when an over-indebted customer actually requests a credit account. Here one should not be fooled and refer to the voluntary commitment of the banks – if the bank still refuses, then it can even be warned (usually by consumer protection, if you report this incident to them) and the account can even be sued.

A bank can only reject a customer for one reason

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If it is a customer who has already received a credit account and has not fulfilled its obligations, the bank can refuse to open a new account due to breach of trust.

Those who place little value on anger and shy away from going to consumer protection and to a lawyer should contact savings banks, Volksbanken or ethics banks with the opening of a credit account – these grant a credit account rather than big banks.



The voluntary commitment stipulates that anyone can open a credit account, but this does not have to be free or particularly cheap or grant a customer with a credit account the same conditions as others (eg free transfers, an EC Card or a disposition) . A credit account is therefore usually more expensive than other accounts because the fees for account management or transfers are higher. Therefore, it should only be used as an interim solution until you have consolidated enough to get a normal current account or salary account. A credit account cannot be overdrawn either.

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