Conservation of Log4j and Log4shell memes


The folks at Infosec are getting ready for a busy vacation. Many of us won’t be able to have downtime thanks to Log4shell. (For a quick refresher on Log4shell and Log4j, check out this blog for an executive summary.)

In the short time since Log4shell was discovered, there has been an explosion of content created around it: blogs, articles, tweets, LinkedIn posts, how-to guides, infographics, e-books and of course memes. .

We Infosec homies are well known for our clever repartee and self-deprecating wit, while we’ve been busy searching our environments for instances of Log4j, we’ve also found time to air our frustrations and struggles through memes. This blog is a compilation of some of the funniest we’ve seen lately in LinkedIn-verse and Twitter-sphere. These memes have prompted comments like these from the cybersecurity and IT community:

  • “The best thing about this log4j fiasco BY FAR is the memes!!!!”
  • “Does anyone collect these memes? One more week and we can make a whole album.
  • “Balbix never fails on the meme front.” 👀
  • “It hits hard >.
  • “All I want for Christmas… It’s just some time away from the computer.” 🤣 🤣 🤣”

The memes themselves need no explanation, so here they are, without further comment. (Oh, and if you come across any other memes, send them to us via our LinkedIn channel.)

The memes were selected from The Cyber ​​Security Hub’s LinkedIn posts, some user comments, and Twitter feeds.


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