Bill Barr will finance “anarchist cities”. Bill Barr will also define “anarchist cities”. Practice!



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Bill Barr will fund the police! And schools, and Medicaid, and housing, and the environment, and whatever gets federal grants in New York, Portland, and Seattle because ANARCHISTS ARE DESTROYING AMERICAN CITIES!

No, they really aren’t. That’s why Fox News replayed weeks-long footage of old riot porn movies several times a day to convince Red State America that everything is on fire, while Trump tweets blatantly racist warnings about Article 8 Housing coming to destroy the suburbs.

And jowly Roy Cohn is doing his part to help Trump get elected by denigrating the Blue States and threatening to halt federal grants.

On September 2, Trump issued a messy rant titled “Memorandum on Reviewing State and Local Government Funding That Authorize Lawlessness, Violence, and Destruction in American Cities” in which he pledged to fund “cities”. anarchists ”.

My administration will not allow federal public money to finance cities that allow themselves to degenerate into lawless areas. To ensure that federal funds are neither unnecessarily wasted nor spent in a way that directly violates our government’s promise to protect life, liberty and property, it is imperative that the federal government review the use of federal funds by jurisdictions that allow lawlessness, violence, and destruction in American cities. It is also essential to ensure that federal grants are used effectively, to protect taxpayer money entrusted to the federal government for the benefit of the American people.

Threats of revenge on American cities for invented crimes? Not for nothing, but it’s Soviet shit. So naturally, Bill Barr rushed to get there.

This morning he named New York, Seattle and Portland as “jurisdictions which have allowed violence and destruction of property to persist and have refused to take reasonable steps to combat criminal activity.”

Who defines “reasonable? »Or indeed« authorized »,« violence »,« persistence »,« refused »and« counter? Why Bill Barr of course! A policy cannot be void for vagueness or arbitrary and capricious with Uncle Bill to weigh.

Barr’s criteria for nominations are a bizarre mix of subjective analysis and anti-constitutional spiel.

The Tenth Amendment prohibits the federal government from dictating state budgets for law enforcement or anything. Nonetheless, Barr insists the federal government has the right to withhold allocations from Congress if cities cut funding for their police services. Every municipality in the country is facing a deficit because of COVID, but if Seattle reallocates money from police funds to mental health care, it is lawlessness. Same if county prosecutors make indictment decisions, Barr disagrees, as did Manhattan and Brooklyn prosecutors in failing to charge protesters with disorderly conduct and illegal assembly.

One would expect a small conservative government that believes in local control and state rights to support elected officials running their own police services. But Barr accuses Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Washington Governor Jay Inslee of promoting lawlessness by allowing the Autonomous Zone to persist for three weeks this summer, rather than allowing Federal assault troops to enter and leave. ” stoke tensions by beating the demonstrators. In his story, federal funds can be withheld if cities refuse to allow DHS thugs to come in and make “proactive arrests,” removing people from the streets and throwing them away. back of unmarked vans and unleash cloud after cloud of abortive tear gas on lines of mothers exercising their First Amendment reunion right.

Barr is also trying to link an increase in violence to the protests – albeit without presenting any evidence of a causal link. As the Wall Street Journal points out, homicides have risen 24% this year in America’s 50 largest cities, the vast majority of which have seen few protests. So maybe Barr’s post hoc ergo propter hoc argument could use a little fine tuning.

So, will anarchist cities benefit from a reduction in their taxes if the federal government decimates their budgets by withholding federal dollars?

Haha just kidding. New Yorkers are already sending $ 22 billion more to Uncle Sam than they received in federal benefits. But if Bill Barr and Donald Trump get what they want, that number could skid another $ 7 billion.

Steal a pair of sneakers from a demonstration, you are a looter. But steal $ 7 billion from Blue State taxpayers, you’re defending the rule of law.

Justice Department identifies New York, Portland and Seattle as jurisdictions allowing violence and destruction of property [DOJ]

Elizabeth dye lives in Baltimore where she writes on law and politics.



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