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What is the NH Freedom Caucus and how did they hold the Republican Legislature hostage?

Over time, the Free Staters moved to New Hampshire dressed as Republicans and won enough seats to tie Gov. Chris Sununu’s hands until he agreed to limit his emergency food orders. and switch to division concepts. Sununu signed the first Freedom Caucus budget in NH history in the shameful hours of the night, with no press. Sununu has been played.

An April 8 press release titled “House Freedom Caucus Celebrates Budget Victory,” the NH House Freedom Caucus website explains their motives, a term yelled at as a warning. They do not refer to government in the common Republican expression of “limited government,” they write, “under the heels of government” – a worrying idea.

The Freedom Caucus, working in government, aspires to an anarchist utopia where citizens live as they please. Working from the inside, their goal is to break down central and local government control by first inciting racial resentment in local schools.

Nationally, the US Congressional Freedom Caucus supported extremist Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) For Congress. The majority of Republicans in NH have chosen Free Stater Jason Osborne as the majority leader. His extreme views are reflected in his deep involvement in the School Sucks Project, which aims to wipe out all schools – public and private. He’s successful here in New Hampshire. The GOP passed the budget which provides over $ 4,000 per child for anyone who already has or wants to withdraw their children from public school.

The Freedom Caucus’ vision for an anarchist utopia has taken a giant leap forward thanks to the GOP-dominated House and Senate and a tied-up Governor Sununu.

Will New Hampshire become the Freedom Caucus’ first anarchist utopia? Your votes will help determine the answer.


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