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For more than 14 months, I have refuted this infamous and defamatory accusation of terrorist association. It has been more than 14 months since the DGSI explained to me that I had not been arrested for what they wanted me to believe, namely my involvement in the Kurdish forces against the Islamic State (Daesh) in Rojava.

It’s been more than 14 months during which nothing has validated the thesis developed from scratch by the DGSI, even though for at least 10 months I have been followed, traced, wiretapped 24 hours a day in my vehicle, at home, spied even in my bed.

For more than 14 months I have understood that it is my political opinions and my participation in the Kurdish forces of the YPG in the fight against Daesh that they are trying to criminalize. It has been more than 14 months since 7 people who do not know each other have been accused of being part of a criminal association.

For more than 14 months he has been answering the questions of an examining magistrate using the same torturous techniques as the DGSI: manipulation, decontextualization, omission and invention of words and facts to try to influence the answers.

For more than 14 months I have been subjected to the provocations of the investigating judge who, while languishing in the jails of the Republic, allows himself to tell me that this case is a waste of time in the fight against terrorism. Worse still, he allows himself the most unacceptable insult by referring to the barbarians of the Islamic State as my “friends of Daesh”. Although verbal, it remains an unfathomable act of violence. It is inadmissible that this judge grants himself the right to insult me ​​to the highest degree, tries to smear me, and thus spits on the memory of my fallen Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Turkmen, Turkish and international friends and comrades in the fight against this organization. I’m still outraged by that.

It has been more than 14 months of a biased investigation in which, contrary to his role, the investigating judge only instructs for the prosecution and never for the defence. It does not take into consideration anything that goes beyond the pre-established scenario and only serves to validate a false personality shaped from A to Z by the DGSI, which far from representing me and only reflects the paranoid fantasies of this political police. Thus, I am constantly presented as a “charismatic leader” even if any non-horizontal mode of operation is contrary to my egalitarian values.

For more than 14 months, I have been held in so-called pre-trial detention without trial, in the most terrible conditions possible: the solitary confinement regime (see letters of March 2021 and June 2021) considered as “white torture” and inhuman or degrading by several human rights bodies. For more than 14 months I have been buried alive in a hellish and permanent solitude without having anyone to talk to, just to be able to contemplate the decline of my intellectual abilities and the deterioration of my physical state, without having access to a follow-up. psychological.

After having provided the prison administration with false arguments to keep me in solitary confinement, the investigating judge asked for my request for release to be rejected, as did the national anti-terrorist prosecutor. To do this, they almost copied and pasted the DGSI report of February 7, 2020, the basis of this whole affair, the veracity of which has not been demonstrated and from which we do not know where the information comes from. We are entitled to ask what was the use of these wiretaps, these surveillances, these sound recordings and these two years of trial


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