Anarchist cookbook begins with 12 pages about how the author fell in love with making Molotov cocktails


MILAGRO, NM — The latest edition of “The Anarchist Cookbook” reportedly begins with 12 pages describing how the author fell in love with making Molotov cocktails, out-of-print sources confirmed.

“They keep talking about how he has great memories building pipe bombs with his grandmother, and how his mom built him his first landmine, and all that bullshit,” said Claudia Smith, punk and local shit agitator. “We just want to know how to fuck up, not learn your life story. Jesus Christ. I had 7 pages before I completely lost interest in learning how to optimally ram a flaming gas cylinder into the manager’s office. So instead of pranking the seniors, I just gave up. Whore.

The publisher had asked the late author’s brother, Steve Powell, to write the long introduction to the latest edition.

“These kids today just don’t enjoy the story of making DIY explosions like they used to,” Powell said while serving a 20-year sentence for arson. “This recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and I will make no apologies for all it means to our family. Of course, you can just jump to the recipe and get started, but you’ll only get a fraction of the context. Did you know that they made Molotov cocktails from dried sheep’s stomachs, old whiskey and whale oil? In fact, my great-grandfather was the first to say, “Put something super explosive in an everyday household item that will really smash and maim passers-by.” I’m proud to tell my family’s rich history through makeshift explosive recipes.

The book’s publisher has weighed in on the controversial new edition.

“You’d be surprised how many books you can sell when you add just 10 more pages of content to it years later,” says publisher Serena Clark. “Until the 90s most people thought the book was illegal and that you would be arrested if caught with it, so naturally when they saw a new edition in a store they picked it up. However, so far the reviews are about as bad as when we published notorious national terrorist Ted Kaczynski’s “Unabomber Manifesto. Who knew manifestos weren’t literary money makers? ?”

As of press time, Smith has decided to avoid the book’s bullshit introduction altogether and learn some explosive device recipes from Reddit.


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