An Obama assassination plot and the Furry Anarchist Forum that dreamed too big for Wikipedia


When Wikipedia’s anonymous editors decide that an article is not suitable for public consumption, it’s gone, accessible only to the site’s top editors, at least it was. But now we keep track of all the articles Wikipedia doesn’t see fit to print, to bring you the best of the weirdest and worst on the site.

This week we feature a techno-furry anarchy gone awry and two people who couldn’t hate President Obama more if they tried. Have fun.

Donald Trump assassination plot investigation in Mar-A-Lago Barack Obama

Anthony Peter Senecal is a former Donald Trump butler and longtime family friend who still resides at Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago. He also happens to really, really hate President Barack Obama, a fact he’s been more than happy to publicize on his Facebook page over the years.

Now, there’s a lot going on here, but this particular entry focuses primarily on the recent Secret Service investigation into the extremely racist and hating Obama ex-butler.

Senecal’s anti-Obama leanings were first uncovered by David Corn of Mother Jones, who noticed about a week ago that Sencal’s social media posts related to Obama were full of strong feelings of rage and murder, in particular.

In addition to writing the Facebook screed above, Senecal also wrote in May of last year:

I feel it’s time for the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION !!!!! The only way to change this rogue government is to shower it !!!!! Maybe now is the time with this Kenyan fraud in power !!!!! …[W]With my last breath I will help rid this America of the scum infested of its government – and if that means dragging that cockless bullet head from the White Mosque and hanging its gaunt ass from the porch – count me !!!! !

In light of the sheer number of exclamation marks used, the Secret Service was forced to take Senecal’s threats at least a little seriously and ultimately opened an investigation into the case.

Best line:

Whoever took it upon himself to write this (rather long) entry obviously loved his work:

In what is perhaps the most pathetic of the many public statements in which Senecal has been revealed to have called, openly advocated or declared his intention to help, resulting in the death of Barack Obama, Trump’s beloved personal butler (and since a long time). time footwasher and bunyon-remove) declares bluntly: “This asshole must be hanged for treason !!!”

Which makes it especially difficult to pick a single favorite with lines like this:

Senecal’s death threats against Obama are particularly notable given Senecal’s long-standing proximity to alleged Republican candidate in the 2016 election, Donald Trump, whose feet Senecal washed his feet for many years.

As well as this:

Obama has been the subject of a number of similar threats from elderly white men like Senecal, who may be old enough to remember the days of slavery in the United States, or the less, to have close relationships that fondly remember this period.

So instead, I choose them all.

Why it was deleted:

Because there is “nothing to suggest his own long-standing independent notability” and the author has continued “to add blatant editorial content after being briefed on the policy.”

In other words, it was deleted because the beautiful light that was once in the hearts of the various Wikipedia editors has gone out and gone forever.

Why he shouldn’t have:

Look how much the Crack Cocaine Aficionado contributor cares !!!!!

Shut your mouse, Obama

In Egypt’s 2014 parliamentary elections, a short local news clip of an Egyptian woman telling Obama, in essence, to stay in his lane, went viral. His words were usually transcribed as follows:

Listen to your Obama. We are Egyptian women. Are you listening, Obama? Shut your mouse, Obama. Shut your mouse, Obama! Sisi yes, Sisi yes. Morsi no, Morsi no. Sissi yes, Sissi yes. Morsi no, Morsi no.

And in keeping with tradition when it comes to local news feel, a dubstep remix appeared shortly thereafter.

I must mention that I have been listening to this remix on repeat for twenty minutes. I do not intend to stop immediately.

Best line:

While this line is not necessarily “good” in the traditional sense, it teaches us an important lesson:

T-shirts with his image or the quote “Shut Up, Obama” are sold in stores and markets across the Arab world. Also, she was invited to Arab Media Forum in Dubai, as an example of social media phenomenon.

That lesson, of course, is that no matter where you are in the world, you can rest assured that there will always be some sort of nightmarish internet conference waiting for you just beyond the horizon.

Why it was deleted:

According to Wikipedia editors, “this has no meaning outside of the election” and is a “meme that went nowhere quickly.”

Why he shouldn’t have:

I’m still listening to the remix.

Sociopolitical ramifications

Sociopolitical Branches (SPR) was a fur-themed sci-fi MUCK or largely text-based online role-playing game created in 1994. In fact, if you go to the website, the beginners guide always asks you to use telnet to connect.

What’s left of his site also offers a more complete overview of what exactly SPR was:

So you have a character who can walk around the rooms, communicate with others, and use programs. The difference with combat-focused MUDs is that it’s less of a game with puzzles to solve and more of a virtual reality to play a role in. There is no combat unless the players explicitly agree. You can’t earn anything in the game sense, but you can earn a lot of friends, experience, and information. Each player can expand the existing MUCK landscape by building rooms, exits, and items, and agreeing with others on how to combine this with the existing landscape.

Unfortunately for the founders of SPR, Martin “DivineVixen” Gauffin and Henrik “Snout” Isacsson, the peaceful and anarchic furry world they dreamed of was too radical for the time.

Best line:

The entry for SPR generally seems unremarkable (except for the whole sci-fi furry RPG aspect) until you get to the very last line.

SPR was noted as an idealistic experiment in anarchy that essentially failed, descending into internal strife and chaos that drove users away.

Fortunately, a book called The realm of gamers actually offers a bit more info on what exactly ripped the RPG apart:

And although the actual images or the remaining forums of the game itself are difficult to find, it is this image which was apparently commissioned for the game from Deviant Art user Illys.

An image which, I believe, tells us everything we need to know.

Why it was deleted:

“Lack of meaningful coverage” and “no significant results in a video game… Google search”. No matter.

Why he shouldn’t have:

Let me redirect you to the sensually lying fox against a computer.

Honorable mentions:

Summer of death

Alternative action movies

European countries lost in the 20th century

Churchill Prize


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