A monument to the dead vandalized by anarchist graffiti


By Press Association 2021

A vandalized war memorial in Swansea

A war memorial in Swansea has been vandalized with red paint depicting symbols and slogans of anarchy.

The memorial on the Swansea waterfront, which recognizes the dead in the Boer War 1900-1902, was painted with the words “smash empire” and “troops out”.

Mark Evans, active youth officer for the Swansea Council, posted photos of the vandalism on Twitter, which emerged Monday evening and has now been cleaned up by local authorities.

He said: “Some sad people out there. Graffiti at the World War I memorial on the prom this morning.

Mr Evans told the Press Association: “I noticed it running this morning and tweeted it to Swansea Council.

“On the way back, a council employee was cleaning it.

“(There is) still red paint on the lettering because they think it is gold foil and the cleaning process may remove the foil.”

Horrible vandalism on one of the town’s war monuments recently. Our graffiti removal team has already gone out to clean it up …

Posted by Cyngor Abertawe – Swansea Council on Tuesday June 25, 2019

A Swansea Council spokesperson said: ‘Our graffiti removal team has already come out to clean it up and we have reported the incident to South Wales Police. We love our city and want everyone to respect it.

In a statement, a spokesperson for South Wales Police said: ‘We are aware of this incident and the Swansea Town Neighborhood Police Team will attend today and liaise with the advice. “


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