A way to get quick cash

New interest rate ceiling for consumer loans in Finland

4On September 1, Finland introduced a new interest rate cap of 20% for all consumer loans in order to reduce its indebtedness in the country. In addition, no consumer loans may have fees exceeding USD 150 per year. These rules do not only apply to fast loans, sms loans, and other high-cost credits but also […]

Military Mortgage and Maternity Capital

Military mortgage and reimbursement of part of the debt with a certificate of certification are two programs of state importance designed to provide housing for families of the military and families with children. About what preferential conditions for obtaining mortgages exist for these categories, how to use them together, will be discussed below. How to […]

The 4 biggest mistakes of mortgage lending at a glance

Financing a house or apartment is not difficult. Nevertheless, there is always talk of builders and buyers who have come in financial difficulties because of their financing. Almost always lack of knowledge and bad advice are responsible. But it does not have to come that far. We do not offer independent advice without good reason. […]

Loan application under deflation explained clearly

Deflation – lowering money supply and falling prices Deflation is a gradual process. Deflation is the general persistent decline in price levels. It is therefore the counterpart to inflation, the general price increase. Deflation usually occurs in combination with an economic depression. Deflation describes the situation when aggregate demand is lower than aggregate supply. Deflation […]

How do I know if I qualify for a mortgage debt transfer?

What I think is necessary is to introduce it as a measure in the hands of the judge or arbitrator, along with others such as withdrawals, deficiencies, interest rate reductions or extensions of time limits, within a special procedure for bankruptcy of natural persons. If you are preparing to buy your home, it is natural […]

More security and lower costs for credit cards

A draft law passed by the federal government today is intended to ensure greater security and lower costs for consumers when paying online or shopping at the checkout by credit card. Current information from the banking association. In the bank letter, the Association of German Banks provides information on current news and events from the […]

Credit account: Everyone has a right to it!

An account is one of the things you have to have today – because almost nothing, especially in times of the Internet, is possible without an account. Be it the conclusion of contracts that require an account or payment in advance in order to take advantage of cheap offers on the Internet. However, anyone who […]

A way to get quick cash

You have probably found many times that you needed money. Kind of a small problem because you can reach for them in your wallet. But what to do when the wallet is empty? In fact, there are often many opportunities on the financial market that offer cash at a very wide interest rate ceiling. However, […]