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Cop Block’s Pete Eyre Interviewed on Non-Partisan Liberty For All Radio

PeteNevadaCopBlockShirt 300x168 Cop Blocks Pete Eyre Interviewed on Non Partisan Liberty For All Radio

Pete Eyre Wearing a Really Cool Shirt

Last month on August 7th (2014), Pete Eyre did an interview on “Non-Partisan Liberty For All,” a Las Vegas based internet radio show that broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio. Among other things, Pete discussed with hosts Dave Bourne and Janel Florez (of MO/KS Cop Block and Women of Cop Block) his personal history and how he got involved in Anarchism and specifically Voluntaryism.

Also, Pete touched on some of the various projects he’s been involved in over the years, including Bureau Crash, the Motorhome Diaries with Ademo Freeman and Jason Talley (which is how I first met Pete back in 2009), Liberty On Tour (once again with Ademo), the Free State Project in New Hampshire, and of course Cop Block.

Pete is on for the first two of the three hours and talks fairly in-depth about his personal philosophies of government and how and why the government’s monopoly on law enforcement services and the judicial system results in a lack of accountability for the employees of that system, especially those that are given fancy costumes and a badge, then allowed to threaten others with weapons. There’s also some discussion of the approaches Pete takes to bring attention to and counteract the abuses spawned that corrupt system.

Motor Home Diaries Group Photo 300x225 Cop Blocks Pete Eyre Interviewed on Non Partisan Liberty For All Radio

Blast From the Past – A Group Photo from the Motor Home Diaries’ Las Vegas Visit in 2009.

As I often do, I also called in during the last hour of the show to discuss some of my own experiences with Pete and how helpful of a friend he has been over the years, even before I was involved officially with Cop Block. Also, I added some details about an incident Pete had mentioned earlier, in which Ademo was illegally arrested by the LVMPD during their visit to Las Vegas after doing a promo on Food Not Bombs Las Vegas for the  Motorhome Diaries for not showing his ID, which isn’t actually legally required (you are required to identify yourself if detained, but not to provide an ID card unless you are driving).

That was actually one of the earliest and most successful “call-floods,” which originally started after Joshua Lilly called and informed me that he had arrived to visit with them and instead saw Ademo being arrested and culminated in Ademo being released without charges after so many people called from around the country that the phones at the Regional Injustice Center were overloaded and knocked off line.

If you didn’t hear this interview when it was originally broadcast or last week when Dave replayed it, you can listen to the archived version which is embedded below:

Check Out Politics Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Non Partisan Liberty For all on BlogTalkRadio

Thanks for reading. Cop Block’s Pete Eyre Interviewed on Non-Partisan Liberty For All Radio is a post from Nevada Cop Block

#FreeAdemo – Institutionalized Censorship in the “Live Free or Die” State

Earlier this week, New Hampshire’s government, which famously wasted a bunch of money and effort trying to jail a man for covering the state’s motto “Live Free or Die” on his license plate, once again displayed their preference toward the second option within that phrase. Ademo Freeman, a local activist and founder of the main [...]Thanks for reading. #FreeAdemo – Institutionalized Censorship in the “Live Free or Die” State is a post from Nevada CopBlock

Continue reading at Nevada CopBlock …

The FBI Wants to Infiltrate the Free State Project

An FBI agent with the New Hampshire Joint Terrorism Task Force is recruiting activists to inform on Free State Project members. That’s what activist Pete Eyre says in the above video, released by Cop Block yesterday.

Keene police brought marijuana activist Rich Paul to an interrogation room yesterday where FBI agent Phil Christiana asked him to wear a wire back to the Keene Activity Center (KAC), according to Eyre. There he would tell a story about an arrest that didn’t happen. Christiana reportedly wanted to know how the individuals at the KAC would react to the story.

The KAC is a meeting place used by liberty activists in Keene.

Rich Paul is a well-known marijuana activist in New Hampshire.

Earlier this year, former police officer Bradley Jardis, who resigned because he was unwilling to arrest medical marijuana users, reports also being contacted by Christiana.

In 2011, Christiana reportedly visited the home of Keene-area activist Kurt Hoffman where Christiana’s vehicle side-swiped a videographer.

In 2005, New Hampshire journalist Dave Ridley reported being invited to lunch by Christiana. Ridley described him as “creepy.”

Paul, Hoffman and Ridley are Free State Project (FSP) members and/or movers. Jardis is a resident of New Hampshire who has participated in activism projects organized by FSP members.

According to an article by Ademo Freeman published on the Cop Block website yesterday, the FBI may also be sending new people into the mix.

Top this off with a few sketchy visits from new movers, who I now believe to be FBI agents or informants, and it’s almost comical – if not so scary – how pathetic the FBI’s attempts are at infiltrating the Keene Activity Center (KAC). One guy, ‘Michael’, came to the KAC for a visit (which is typical of new movers) and after a long conversation – where I asked him directly if he was an agent of the state (he said he was not) – it was decided that “Michael’s” views are not acceptable to those who frequent the KAC and he was asked to leave. He has never attempted a return but it should be noted that this man may still be trying to infiltrate liberty groups. #

According to a file found via a Google search, Christiana, as of May 16, 2012, is with the FBI’s New Hampshire Joint Terrorism Task Force.


the government wants to take down free keene …and slap some trumped up phoney crap charges on people.. #

It sounds like the FBI may be trying to set y’all up for some sort of entrapment scheme that they’re known for. Apparently this one goon thinks you guys are extra stooopid. :P #

Pete: So stopping internal / home grown terrorists isn’t important? Lot’s of internal plots have been stopped. Maybe there isn’t any “plotting” at the “KAC”. But look at some of the rhetoric you and some of your friends use. Look at the calls for violence on this site alone … there can be consequences for exercising that freedom. Sometimes….people pay attention. To you it may be innocent free speach….to others it can be cause for alarm. And that’s OK. #

Every single “home grown” terrorist crew and/or plot for the last 10 years has been either FBI planned, sponsored, or supplied. Every single one. If you want to do away with home grown terrorism, disband the FBI. #

A billboard saying “Phil Christiana, you and your fellow FBI thugs are not welcome around here” would be pretty amusing. #

Violence is the State’s M.O. not ours. #

One word of warning. I would NOT call Christiana (or any other cop), and definitely not without a recording device. Just having a conversation will give him an opportunity to lie about what you said. Review those “Flex your rights” videos if you doubt me. Being innocent is no guarantee of safety. #

Crazy!!! Keep an eye out for anyone who advocates violence…that’s how they frame innocent people. #

My Thoughts

Ademo Freeman, Pete Eyre and certainly many others I’m not aware of have done a great job rapidly bringing this situation to light. Rich Paul deserves at least as many kudos as this young lady got anti-kudos.

As Pete mentions in the above video, there is an urgent need for security culture. But I think there is an even greater need for transparency, honor and character. Paul, Jardis, Hoffman and Ridley let us know about their contact with Christiana because they are individuals of character who understand the importance of honor and the need to be transparent; i.e., the importance of releasing information to the public. Who has been asked to inform but hasn’t been transparent about it?

The fact is that the state is very powerful. The FBI has many resources at its disposal, including the newspapers and TV shows that shape jurors’ worldviews. If they want to bring liberty activists up on fake charges, they can do it. That’s a cakewalk for them. They did it me. (I actually have newly discovered audio in which the arresting marshal implies that he knows I was innocent of the assault he claims I committed. I’ll be releasing this soon.)

Violence is what the FBI is looking for. We have to give them nonviolence (satyagraha). This is not just the smartest and most effective strategy, but it’s also the safest. Articles such as “When you Should Shoot a Cop” by Larken Rose and published by Cop Block are inflammatory and wrong-headed. Talk of violence is pointless and only comes off as the idle boasting of the weakest. We are stronger than them. We don’t need to use violence.

Our task is to study the long history of nonviolent action and live peace in our words and our deeds. Only then can we have some chance at deflecting the inevitable state crackdown on our nascent liberty community.


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Pete Eyre & Ademo Freeman: NOT GUILTY

Justice is so rare today. Here we have two Davids who made Goliath stumble, however slightly. Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman were found NOT GUILTY of the 3 charges that Greenfield, Mass prosecutor Jeffrey Banks tried them on. NOT GUILTY of wiretapping, NOT GUILTY of resisting arrest.

Real justice requires that Todd M. Dodge and cohorts never would have harassed, kidnapped or caged them. Real justice would not have required a night’s stay in a cold cage. One year of fighting these ridiculous charges tooth and nail – real justice laughs at that. The monstrous crime of putting these fine gentleman in jeopardy of a felony conviction and possibly years in jail? Unspeakable. Real justice won’t hear of it.

This is not justice. This is a landmark on the way towards healing injustice.

There is a great value in the learning experience Pete and Ademo have undertaken. Maybe now they can help other victims of the police state. But there is also great risk. We could easily be talking about how to get money into their prison commissary accounts, instead of celebrating.

Celebrate. Congratulate Pete and Ademo. Learn from them. I salute them. I doff my hat to them. Congratulations, gentleman. You have taken chains and turned them into gold.

But take great pains before engaging in the same risks they take. There are other, less risky ways to advance the cause of liberty and dignity.

Laughing in Court Doesn’t Help

I agree with Patrick, who blogs over at Statists Anonymous. Take my buttinsky opinionating for what it’s worth – I wasn’t there. But if you’re trying to impress a jury, if you want them to think you’re not “a criminal”, then showing up with an unruly mob doesn’t reflect well on you. Put yourself in their shoes. They don’t understand the idea of not collectivizing people. For example, if they see you with someone who “looks like a druggie,” their estimation of you will decline.

If I had the chance to attend their trial, I would like to go in a suit. I would bring something to take notes with. I might even take Marc Stevens‘ advice and tell the bailiff that I was a reporter. Wearing a suit, to boot, and looking comfortable in it, would just blow their minds. Totally unexpected. A mind-fuck, if you will.

It’s important to be agile and to be aware of how your audience and your opponents view you. Keep them off guard.

btw I love the idea of not standing, wearing hats and applauding. A laugh can ridicule and denigrate. But remaining seated, wearing a hat and applauding are either neutral or uplifting.

What do you think?

Judge Further Restricts Transparency in Eyre & Mueller Trial

Today is day 2 of the Greenfield, Mass trial of Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman for recording police officers in the course of their duties.

And it started off with a whimper. The judge, without any further written order, has allegedly reduced the amount of transparency allowed in this trial. At first, he allowed only Jason Talley to record the trial and only with one video camera, one cell phone/tablet and one laptop. Today, the guards won’t allow him to enter anything more than the video camera, tripod and power cord. Jason used the cell phone and laptop to get out occasional live-streaming updates and text updates.

This is entirely unacceptable. Transparency is the only check left on a monopoly justice system that uses aggression to get its way. What happens behind closed doors, no one knows and no one can protest or hope to change. Justice, according to the state paradigm, is supposed to be a matter for the whole community – not just for a few elite lawyers and jurors.

Update: Court security guard fails to make any sense explaining this. He claims it was his mistake to even allow more than the one camera in the first day.

I get the sense this small-time goon is enjoying his power to say no.

Update: The judge finds Pete not guilty of the resisting charge.

These videos were produced by Jason Talley of Talley.TV and I archived them on my YouTube channel.

Solidarity *Today* with Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman

My friends and two stellar activists for human rights, Adam and Pete are facing trial in Greenfield, Massachusetts today for filming the police in the course of their duties. The prosecutor calls this felony wiretapping and resisting arrest. But photography is not a crime! The same prosecutor has already dropped several of the charges that had been piled on Pete and Adam. Get the full story here:

I’m very worried about these guys because I know they are beautiful human beings with the best of intentions and willpower to match anyone you can think of. Maybe I’ve got PTSD over my own experience with police pillaging, but I am worried about these guys. I wish them only the best and my services are at the ready to support them.

I also question the high stakes nature of this kind of activism. Pete and Adam are young and single. But time in jail is nothing to laugh at. Prison is the new slavery. A lot of people, including the decision-makers, don’t care about you. See, for example, the conditions in one admitted Phoenix concentration camp.

It looks like Jason Talley is broadcasting at least some parts of the trial and pre-trial live on ustream. I’m watching live. What about you?

Live Stream

This should be the live stream, or go to Jason is also live-blogging the trial on the CopBlock facebook page.

Broadcasting live with Ustream

Support Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman vs. Greenfield, MA; Bogus Wiretapping Charges

On July 18, 2011, Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman, crew members of Liberty On Tour and bloggers for Cop Block, will begin trial on felony wiretapping, resisting arrest, and trespassing charges.

Solidarity + Direct Action = Justice
The charges stem from an incident in July of 2010, when they were attempting to post bail for Rich Paul, who had been arrested the day before, at the Franklin County jail. Pete had initially also been facing felony firearm/ammo and VIN manipulation charges as the result of an illegal search of their vehicle, affectionately dubbed MARV, but those charges were dismissed earlier this week.

Here is a fairly short rundown of what happened that day:
"On Thursday, July 1st 2010 Pete and I headed into the Franklin County Jail to bail out Rich Paul, who had been arrested the day before. We were initially told that we could not film in the lobby by Franklin County Sheriff’s but later were told we could do so. We left and 15 minutes later returned with the bail money and Pete’s ID but were then told that we were not permitted to film on the property. We stated that public officials can be recorded while conducting their duties, that no one in the building had any expectation of privacy and that we had our cameras as a means of protection as well as accountability for everyone involved. It was those with badges who then took action against us for standing our ground and doing what we believe is right – actions that did not harm anything.

Sgt. Todd M. Dodge placed myself and Pete under arrest without disclosing what we were actually being arrested for. We were taken to the Greenfield Police Department where we were abused, finger printed, photographed, stripped and had our personal possessions stolen from us. The police, under the watch of Sgt. Dodge, threw us into a cage without blankets, a phone call or telling us exactly what we were being charged with. The jail, with concrete floors, was extremely cold. We were monitored via a camera in the ceiling. We did anything we could to keep warm and to occupy our minds/time. We did chants of ‘no victim no crime,’ sang songs, preached libertarianism and even did a workout.

Finally after 12 + hours in our cages we were taken to court to face a judge. We finally learned what our charges were: felony wiretapping and resisting arrest for us both Pete also has felony firearm/ammo and VIN manipulation charges."

For more detailed information you can:
  1. Review the huge Meta post, which covers every blog, video and document(s) pertaining to their case(s).
  2. Watch the “Greenfield, MA” playlist (25 videos) featured on’s YouTube channel.
  3. Watch the 27-min documentary style video that covers everything from July 2010 to February 2011.
In reality, the charges are one of many instances over the past few years in which police have arrested people for filming them in order to avoid being held accountable for their actions. The misuse of wiretapping laws to prevent video taping has been one of the prevalent methods employed recently in several states.

The Members of Liberty On Tour
Not only were these wiretapping laws obviously never meant for such a purpose, but courts on all levels and throughout the country have consistently found that there is no expectation of privacy in a public place and therefore no restrictions on filming someone. Police and other government employees themselves often cite this when justifying surveillance policies, such as red light cameras.

Furthermore, courts have also found in numerous cases that people have the right to "resist an unlawful arrest even to the point of taking an arresting officer's life, if necessary." so if there is no valid reason for someone to be arrested, then there is no reason that they should be punished for resisting that arrest.

If you have a problem with the police abusing their powers and then twisting laws around to eliminate any evidence of that abuse (as you should) and the future impact it can have on citizens' ability to prevent those abuses, there are several things you can do to support Pete and Ademo:

Help get the word out
  • Share the above content on social media sites and/or your own blog, if you have one.
  • Email local news outlets (Western Mass preferred but also Eastern, like Boston), Radio stations and bloggers. They’ve created a Press Release and Media Packet to make it easier for you to share. Otherwise standard emails or phone calls encouraging other media outlets to share their situation with their audience is greatly appreciated.
Call the local officials involved in the case
  • Jeff Bangston – (District Attorney prosecuting us) 413.774.3186 - ask him to do what’s right and dismiss their charges.
  • Todd M. Dodge – (arresting officer, Greenfield Police Department) 413.773.5411 ext. 1415 - ask him to think about his rights-violating actions.
  • William F. Martin – “Mayor, Greenfield” – 413-.772.1560 - ask him to make a public statement against their treatment/charges.
Help out financially

  • Friday, July 15th at 6pm – “Know Your Rights” presentation; Green Fields Market, 144 Main St., Greenfield, MA
  • Monday, July 18th at 8am – trial – District Court Greenfield, MA (see event here)
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Watch this Video and Tell Me if You See a Felony Being Committed

Watch the included video and judge for yourself if even a crime, let alone a felony, was committed.

Recently, Ademo Freeman, one of the crew members of Liberty On Tour, the founder of Cop Block, and someone I consider a personal friend, attempted to ask a judge in Keene, NH. about the reasons behind the prior arrest of Beau Davis, another Liberty On Tour member, for wearing a hat. The video of the exchange, posted below, was originally published here after it was finally recovered from police custody.

As a result of those questions, asked in a calm and even respectful manner (Ademo addresses him as "sir" at one point), Judge Ed Burke from the Keene, NH. District Court not only had him arrested, but charged with a felony known as "Improper Influence" I've linked to the definition of that charge (twice), so that you can see what it actually entails. Nothing within that definition applies to what happened that morning. He ended up spending two days in jail and was forced to post a $5,000 cash bail, and is due to start trial on those felony charges on Thursday July 7, 2011.

The fact that Ademo was arrested at all for simply asking another person a few questions is an abuse of authority by Judge Ed Burke. Beyond that, the fact that the charge being pursued is actually a felony is an outrage in its own rite. If you have any sense of decency and justice, you should oppose this blatant misuse of power by a judge that is out of control and clearly in the wrong.

This next video was made before the release of the original footage and gives an overview of the issues involved, as well as some other improper (anti-recording) measures local authorities have attempted to implement aimed at preventing members of the Free State Project in Keene, NH.from holding those officials accountable for their actions.

If you are offended by Judge Burke's abuse of his power, as you should be, please take a moment to call the prosecutors for this case and let them know how you feel about it:

Chris McLaughlin – District Court DA – 603.357.9815
John Webb – Superior Court DA – 603.352.0056

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11 Ways to Help Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller NOW

Libertarian activists Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller are in Cheshire county jail in Keene, New Hampshire right now. Pete was attacked in an unused courtroom by a new and ornery bailiff over a hat on Monday, January 24th. He is exercising his right to remain silent. He is not assisting the local thugs in their attempt to make his caging look just and correct. He is in segregation 23 hours per day. During Pete’s arraignment on Tuesday, January 25th, Adam stood up and spoke the truth to Edward Burke, a Keene district court judge, about his kangaroo court. Adam was arrested and insta-sentenced to 60 days in jail. Both are now on a hunger strike.

Pete lived the truth. No man is greater than another. Ritualistic displays of subservience, such as the doffing of hats, are not compatible with this truth. Pete not only knows this truth, he also lives it. And that makes him great. Adam spoke the truth. He couldn’t bear to witness the miscarriage of justice that was Pete’s arraignment. The decision to release Pete is in the hands of his captors. To argue otherwise is to pretend his captors act with legitimate authority, a sad unsubstantiated joke. Compare them with those famous three monkeys who shield themselves from the truth by covering their eyes, ears and mouths to the truth.

Here’s what we can do to help free them right now.

  1. Call the Cheshire county commissioners. They’re the big whigs. They need to hear about this. Phone numbers can be found here. Please be civil but firm.
  2. Watch, like, comment on this video. Share it with your friends and family.
  3. Vote for Pete to get on Fox’s Freedom Watch TV show. He needs 5,000 more supporters in order to get to the number one position. We can do it. Repost the link everywhere with a call to action.
  4. Call the governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch. Tell him what is going on. Demand accountability for Edward Burke, Keene district court judge, and the immediate and unconditional release of Pete and Adam. (603) 271-2121.
  5. Invite your friends to this Facebook event, even the ones who don’t know Pete and Adam or aren’t libertarians. It’s specially made for those not familiar with the situation.
  6. Call the New Hampshire Judicial Conduct Committee to report Burke for his pattern of injustices. (603) 292-1825.
  7. Write Pete and Adam letters, and send Mail to Jail some bucks to pay for stamps.
  8. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. First read Tom Knapp’s Recommendations for Writing a Libertarian Op-Ed.
  9. Chipin for Adam’s commissary fund. These are funds he can use to stay warm and occupied while in a cold, dead jail cell.
  10. Call the Cheshire county jail where they are being held: 603.903.1600.
  11. Call the Keene police department. 603.357.9813. The man who snatched Pete is James Cemorelis and his extension is 7117. His email address is The man who put his knee on Pete’s head is Matt Griffin, extension 7182.

BONUS: #12. Watch Meg’s video above and follow up on her suggestions.

Please keep an eye out for new developments and calls to action. We have got each other’s backs. Together we are powerful.