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Why can’t we all just get along?

My response to my friend on Facebook’s post: Do you avoid walking down the street at night for fear of being raped? Do you see pictures of people of the beauty ideal of your gender plastered on billboards, TV, and magazines, to an extent that you cannot escape from them? Do you get tired of [...]

More self-improvement BS

Just in case y’all didn’t know how I feel about the New Age movement, the following posts are a good place to start: [1] and [2]. So this picture was on Facebook. I think I can sum up how I feel about it with my comments: Because we are all responsible for how we affect [...]

Political correctness

Holy fucksticks, I’m sick of people whining about “political correctness,” as if it’s making their lives unlivable. We have two choices: We can make life more comfortable for marginalized groups, or we can make it more comfortable for the privileged. When we focus on the privileged, we are saying “fuck you” to the oppressed – [...]

The worst movies I have ever seen

1. Bloodrayne Okay, so I have a weakness for vampires. I just had to see it. And it had the woman who played the Terminator in T3, so I thought it couldn’t be that bad. I honestly don’t know why I forced myself to finish it. If anything, the worst thing of all was realizing [...]

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Hardcore monogamy

I have spoken about this issue before, addressing feminist critiques of marriage, and the assumption that all open-minded people are polyamorous. Learning about free love I was happy to be introduced to the ideas of polyamory and free love when I was in my teens. I thought it was interesting, and wonderful that people could [...]

Personal pain is subjective

This postcard from PostSecret made me so mad.   I got so mad when I read this, that my first thought was, “the teacher who wrote this deserves to get shot.” This reminds me of the “my life is worse than yours so suck it up” contest that I see a lot of people get [...]

Women are so sensitive!

You poke somebody with a stick enough times, and they’re eventually going to lash out at you. That’s kinda how human beings react to things, and it has nothing to do with gender. The problem is, that it’s a vicious cycle. A lot of women, especially feminists, have their sexism-radar heightened due to our awareness [...]

Let’s talk about obesity

****NOTE:**** I am no longer accepting comments along the lines of, “But being fat isn’t healthy…” You need to prove that you have not only read my post, but looked at the citations I have provided, or have an iota of critical thinking skills. That way, I’ll know that you aren’t making the same tired, [...]

The complexities of privilege and language

There has always been a bit of a stir about the idea of privilege. People do not like to acknowledge when they have it. Perhaps it’s because then they have to admit that they don’t deserve it anymore than anybody else. Or maybe it’s because then they have to accept that they shouldn’t have as [...]

Freedom and tyranny in Cuba and the USA

Ah, yes. The United States of America. The Greatest Country on Earth. Bastion of Freedom and Liberty (both); Great Land of Freedom of Speech™. And Cuba. One of the most horrible, wretched countries in the world. All citizens are trapped, and are in poverty. The Evil Devil Dictator (AKA Fidel Castro) stole the wealth from [...]