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To Society: Isolation & prison abuse go hand in hand. It comes down to you, Society, to stop this

June 2010Dear Society,I´m writing in regards to Isolation and possible Human Rights violation. Which brings a very strong and enduring question to my mind: Do you consider us Convicts Human? Do you care or just give us an ear – a hollow ear?I´ve been in and out of the system over ½ my life. I´ve been in the system almost 20 of my 36 years. I was there in the mid-late 80s when child abuse was a

Request by a prisoner at ESP for help to get the Grievance Process sorted (in a Class Action Lawsuit)

This is an issue with a request that has a deadline : it has been expanded to November 24th 2010Request by a prisoner at ESP for Affidavits and Grievances by other prisoners for a class-action lawsuit concerning AR 740 the Grievance Process(We are posting this again to attract attention from family and friends of prisoners at Ely State Prison).On May 11, 2010, Jeremy Allen Crozier filed a lawsuit

ACLU Agrees To Settle Lawsuit Charging Inadequate Medical Care At Ely State Prison

Submitted by Phil Hooper on Fri, 07/16/2010 - 10:58. ACLUNV The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Nevada late yesterday filed in federal court a proposed agreement between a class of over 1,000 prisoners at Ely State Prison and top state prison and governmental officials that would settle a 2008 lawsuit charging that a pervasive pattern of grossly inadequate

Request by a prisoner at ESP for Affidavits and Grievances by other prisoners for a class-action lawsuit concerning AR 740 the Grievance Process

This is an issue with a request that has a deadline : August 31st 2010On May 11, 2010, Jeremy Allen Crozier filed a lawsuit against Defendants Jim Gibbons, Catherine Cortez-Masto, Ross Miller, Howard Skolnik, James Cox, E.K. McDaniel, Debra Brooks, Renee Baker and several caseworkers at Ely State Prison for Deficiencies in the Inmate Grievance Procedure, known as Administrative Regulation #740.

State prison barbecue under investigation

Nevada AppealJuly 3, 2010By F.T. Norton Prison officials are investigating a fundraiser at Nevada State Prison last weekend in which female members of a band were allegedly scantily clad and a motorcycle was brought into the yard for inmate pictures. Nevada Department of Corrections Spokeswoman Suzanne Pardee confirmed Friday that the NDOC inspector general's office is interviewing staff “to

Endorsement of Nevada Prison Watch for the Gray-Haired Witnesses for Justice

Sunday, June 20, 2010 Endorsement by Imprisoned Women´s Rights Watch of the Gray-Haired Witnesses for Justice We here at the blog of Imprisoned Women´s Rights Watch, together with our friends, supporters and coworkers at all Prison Watch Project Blogs, as well as the Prison Watch Community Center, endorse the actions and beliefs of the Gray-Haired Witnesses for Justice. We wish their Fast and

Video: Nevada State Prison: rundown & outdated or effective?

My News4, June 18, 2010DayPortPlayer.newPlayer({articleID:"8934",playerInstanceID:"0A49490D-27DB-8F26-F969-CB32D156F8F8",domain:""});See also here: of State Ross Miller has called for an emergency meeting of the Board of Prison Commissioners next Wednesday to prevent Gov. Jim Gibbons

Nolan’s Law: please endorse this new law for more fairness

Tonja Brown, who has been a champion in fighting for the rights of her innocent brother Nolan Klain, who died last year in prison of illness that could have been treated, and before the state exonerated him, has proposed a new law: NOLAN'S LAW would be once a defendant is arrested and then charged the law enforcement agency MUST provide to the defense a copy of the evidence at the same time they

Nevada houses 10 times more people with mental illness in jails than in psychiatric facilities

New Report: Jail More Likely Than Treatment For Americans With Psychiatric Disorders From: Disability Scoop By Michelle Diament May 13, 2010 Americans with severe mental illness are three times more likely to go to prison than to a psychiatric hospital, new research indicates. While the likelihood varies by state, there is no state where individuals experiencing diagnoses like schizophrenia or