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Australian Defence League receive informal ‘cease and desist’ letter, postmarked Lakemba (2195)

Yesterday afternoon, Ralph Cerminara declared on Twitter that he would be leading a crusade to Lakemba: It didn’t go quite according to plan, however. After having been given a clip ’round the ears by angry locals, ADL führer Cerminara (36) … Continue reading

Pilot refuses to fly after plane protest by cuffed asylum seeker

I think this deserves props so I’m republishing it here (via C|O). See : Pilot refuses to fly after plane protest by cuffed asylum seeker, Refugee Action Coalition Sydney, December 20, 2014.

Far right, post-siege …

I wrote an article for New Matilda. You can read it here. Note that another Islamophobic organisation, the Patriots Defence League Australia, is meeting in Geelong on Sunday at the Rippleside Park Motor Inn. Finally, the ‘Party for Freedom’ managed … Continue reading

Nationalist Alternative throw their former Führer under the bus #antifa

Back in June 2014, Melbourne-based neo-Nazi groupuscule Nationalist Alternative (NAlt) underwent a schism, with NAlt’s leader apparently being deposed and control of the group’s Facebook page assumed by some of his underlings. Since then the page has published various, often … Continue reading

In defence of Scott Harrison?

Last week reported that: A member of the Young Liberal Executive Team has resigned in disgust, saying the party has “completely betrayed its core principles”. Marguerite Iliescu, 28, has written a frank assessment of the party’s failings in a … Continue reading

December 8 Penrith Council meeting : “evil anarcho-pinko-anarchist-islamic cabal of dirt” FTW

Penrith Council met last night (December 8) to discuss a rescission motion put by councillor Marcus Cornish regarding the construction of a Muslim community centre at Kemps Creek. (See : Against the far right; against Islamophobia: Rally in Penrith, December … Continue reading

token #vicvotes post

Blah. Blah blah. Blah blah blah. See : Beyond Voting. Left Socialist Alliance: Sean Brocklehurst for Pascoe Vale and Sarah Hathway for Geelong; Stephen Jolly (Socialist Party) for Richmond. Also, Joseph Toscano (Anarchist Media Institute/Libertarian Workers For A Self-Managed Society) … Continue reading

Australia First Party Goes To The Polls (November 2014)

Pauline Hanson has announced her return to the political hustings, again. How excitement. One Nation WA is not. happy. with Hanson, labelling her ‘psychotic’. In fact, over the past few years ON in WA has drawn much closer to the … Continue reading

Bernards Magic Shop ~versus~ Creeping Sharia (aka halal certification)

Hey presto! For reasons best known to itself, Bernards Magic Shop in the City is circulating a Q Society petition: To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives This petition draws the attention of the House to … Continue reading

#antifa notes (november 15, 2014) : Golden Dawn, Scott Harrison, Australia First Party, Squadron 88

Golden Dawn In news sure to bring tears to local fascists, Golden Dawn (GD) Australia has announced that the planned tour by two Golden Dawn luminaries — MEP and former NATO general Georgios Epitideios and party organiser Michalis Giannagkonas — … Continue reading