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Shamanic Birthworker Programme Dates

A 4-part series of workshops, of experiences, to help guide Birthworkers on a journey into the realm of the sacred, with the goal of providing them tools and information to bring the sacred into their work with birthing individuals and families.

Three Rivers Village School: a student’s letter

I am a student at TRVS [Three Rivers Village School]. I am involved in Information Events, fundraisers, Co-ops, and Committees. I care about the school and I have seen things happen that I am unhappy about.

Poem: dear artemis

even nymphs like clean flatware

GoFundMe: Fundraising to save The Phoenix

Suffice it to say, our house is trashed. We need help repairing it and making it liveable, functional, and beautiful again. We can't do it on our own, so we're fundraising for your support.

Shamanic Birthworker

Doulas, midwives, and assistants are trained to be educators and to physically care for their clients, but rarely are we shown or taught how to nourish our clients' spiritual journey.

Wise Woman

I want a Wise Woman who KNOWS.... Not qualified with educational credentials or honorary degrees… but one who KNOWS deep in her bones, through lived experiences...

Wordless Wednesday: kitchen altar



Our great and wise keeper and leader of ritual in the community.

Apprenticeships/Programmes in the Works

I wish I could move to Pittsburgh and live with you - just to shadow you and learn about life from you like young women used to be sent off to do with distant aunts or eccentric grandmothers.

Wordless Wednesday: Altar

one of my altars