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Posts by michele james-parham

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 25: Human Rights in Birth (Pennsylvania)

I affirm: the only person who decides where to give birth, how to give birth, when to give birth, and with (or without) whom to give birth is the person giving birth.

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 24: Rectangle Skyline

Pittsburgh Skyline

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 23: Creativity Blocks – part 2

Everyone seems to have their own unique approach to getting through a creativity block. Yesterday and today, I have been sharing some of the ways that I have dealt with my own creativity blocks over the years.

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 22: Creativity Blocks – part 1

What do you do when you are experiencing Writer's Block or a similar creativity block?

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 21: I Need a Car & Other Random Thoughts

So, there it is: I need a car. I am open to thoughts, ideas, leads, and well, any clients who have a car available for trade.

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 20: Drinking Tea – part 3, wisdom (Our Daily Tea)

I do not know whose idea it was to add bits of wisdom onto teabag tags, but I approve. They are like fortune cookies, except I do not have to entertain the idea of eating one of those horrid "cookies" to get a little nugget of wisdom, of truth.

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 19: Drinking Tea – part 2, a ritual

While water molecules are being rearranged, science is happening, and such, I stare at the "Wall of Tea" and make my selection. (Though, sometimes, I really know what I want, especially if I am grumpy -- that is when the Lapsang Souchong comes out first thing, guns a blazing.)

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 18: Drinking Tea – part 1, a history

Tea! I am a tea enthusiast. I love, love, love tea.

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 17: Giving it Away

Why are women always giving away stuff for free?

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 16: Herbs for Postpartum Sitz Bath

Today's post is focusing on healing the perineum during the postpartum period. Though serious perineum tears are rare in a homebirth setting, it is good to know what herbs can help with healing and soothing.