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Venezuela’s False Anarchists – El Libertario

From the first reading of their communiques 6 years ago, I was suspicious of this group. Beware false anarchists - basically brown shirts hiding under the black flag. Here is the dirt on them from ROARMAG. See

Comox Valley Anarchist book Fair May 3

On Sat. May 3, 2014, the Screech Owl Collective will be bringing you the Second Annual Comox Valley Anarchist Book Fair to be hosted at The Abbey (2687 Penrith Ave) by the Village Muse Bookstore in Cumberland. ---- From 10AM-5PM, the Abbey will be transformed into a festive bazaar of anarchist books, zines, and crafts. The day’s events will include ongoing workshops and discussions that will happen across the street at the OAP Hall, and a lunchtime feast will also be held there between 1-2 PM. ---- In the evening, an open mic Cabaret will unfold starting at 7PM back at The Abbey. All these events are free and open to the public. We seek to create a libratory and kid-friendly atmosphere for the day. ---- With respect, we acknowledge that we are holding this event on unceded K’ómoks territory. In the words of Brad Taylor, one of the Book Fair organizers, “This one day voyage into a marvelous world free from all constraints will open up to any and all who are interested, curious, intrigued, fascinated or intoxicated by what anarchists from all over BC are up to. So come on out and discover what anarchists mean when we demand the impossible.”

To help in this voyage of discovery, tablers include Camas Books (Victoria), Spartacus Books (Vancouver), Eberhardt Press (Portland, OR), PM Press (Oakland, CA), along with a dozen other local efforts such as Red Lion Press (Nanaimo), Black Banner Publications (Vancouver), the Pender Punx, and the Intercoastal Print Collective, as well as a sparkling array of participating authors, a wild assortment of cultural provocateurs, and a rousing contingent of radical unionists from the Vancouver Isle Wobblies.
What issues are local anarchists thinking about these days? Workshops and themed discussions will fill the air in the OAP Hall all day.

Those scheduled include: “Birthing Freedom” (10AM-11:30) ( Facilitated by Serena) This workshop will explore how childbirth can be a truly liberating act for everyone involved. It will address options, physiology and ways of reclaiming choice during childbirth in the face of the capitalist medical industrial complex, the reality of fear and how prevailing ideologies challenge the empowering, autonomous, even orgasmic, potential in childbirth.

“Oral Culture and Anarchism” (11:30-1PM) (Facilitated by Julian) This workshop will begin a conversation about the place of oral culture in current anarchist communities and movements, and how an overemphasis on written/literate/digital culture might serve to reinforce many things anarchists are against and promote a disconnection from the specific regions and ecosystems we inhabit. I am most interested in asking questions and generating ideas for how anarchists can experiment with regenerating oral culture.

“Anarchists and Indigenous Solidarity (2-3:30) (Facilitated by Brad and Karl) What distinguishes anarchist solidarity? How is it unique? How do we support non-anarchists while maintaining our principles? We will be talking about critical solidarity, especially in relation to indigenous rebels who may have different, divergent or opposing goals than us.

“Confronting the LNG Hydra” (3:30-5PM) (Facilitated by BC Blackout) A presentation of an anarchist approach to expanding the resistance to the emerging fracked gas infrastructure. Linking the struggles from the north to our own backyards, we will be discussing our ideas around strategy, solidarity, and fomenting social struggle towards revolutionary transformation.

In addition, there will be a Kids’ Plant Walk outdoors after lunch (adults welcome) For more information as it evolves:


Via Campesina Supports Venezuela Against US-inspired Right-Wing Attacks

Via Campesina, the peasants organization embracing 200 million peasants world wide, defends the Venezuelan Revolution against US-inspired far-right attacks. See:

Viscious racism that lies behind the right-wing protests -

Note – Racism is the dirty little secret of the Latin American ruling class. A parasitic class of European origin rules over a peasant and working class population of Indigenous and African origin. The ruling class regards these as basically sub-human, so there is no limit to their cruelty and exploitation. (Consider only the massacre of Santa Maria de Iquique of 1907 when 3000 unarmed salitre workers were machine gunned to death, not to mention all the horrors since then.) This fact also goes a long way to the rulers lasting fascination with Nazis and fascism.

Thanks to Steve for the links.


Gumboot Girls – Adventure, Love and Survival on British Columbia's North Coast. Caitlin press 2014

Thousands of young women migrated to the countryside in the early 1970s. Some fled the emptiness and conformity of the suburbs. American women came in opposition to the Viet Nam War. All were members of the counter cultural “back to the land movement.” 
A number of women ended up in the Haida Gwaii and the Prince Rupert areas, finding adventure, community and a resourcefulness few imagined they ever possessed. Gumboot Girls is a collection of stories from 34 of these women. Eager and quick to learn from the locals, hard working, and with a level of education few others possessed, the “girls” soon became key members of their adopted homeland, providing leadership in community building and the defense of the environment against corporate plundering. Some women left the North Coast, but their experiences have remained with them, helping them in their new living situations. These stories are a powerful antidote to the stupid cliches spread about the 1960s and '70s counter culture. At a time when it is easy to fall into despair, Gumboot Girls is a highly inspiring and positive voice.

Info On Ukraine and the Crimea

Here is an excellent interview with Dimitri Orlov on the situation in the Ukraine. Info you won't get on the propaganda machine.

Click link and scroll down the article for the video interview:

Alternative unionists and syndicalists spark major protest in Spain this March 22

The Andalusian union SAT which is syndicalist-oriented and an ally of the anarcho-syndicalist unions CGT and CNT has sparked perhaps the major protest of the year:
The CGT and CNT are working to turn the protest into a general strike see

  Madrid Protest updateAt least a million people converged on the city. There was also some violence 
– to be expected. The BBC and Yahoo finally commented about
 4 hours ago.
(1PM PST March 22)  The most informative clips come from 
independent  sources  however, See:

Report below from International Marxist tendency,

On Saturday, 22 March, Madrid will witness one of the main social and political mobilisations of the year, the March for Dignity. The aim is to gather hundreds of thousands of people in Madrid, from around the country in order to show opposition to the anti-working class and anti-social policies of the past few years. The demonstration will march under the slogans "Do not pay the public debt", for a "Basic income to all those without resources", "No more cuts", "Bread, Housing and Jobs for all" and "Down with the Troika Governments."

A model organisation

This magnificent mobilisation was initially promoted by the Andalusian Workers’ Union (SAT), led by the historical land labourers’ leaders Diego Cañamero and Sánchez Gordillo. However, their initiative has been enthusiastically embraced by hundreds of social, trade union and political organisations around the country, including the party of the United Left.
"Platforms for the Dignity Marches" have been organised in dozens of cities, towns and neighborhoods across the country. They bring together thousands of activists from a broad range of social movements, trade unions and left-wing political organisations.
Planning for the "Dignity Marches" began in November and dozens of public meetings have been held all over the country to launch them and explain their aims.

Dignity March columns advancing towards Madrid

In the run-up to the main march in Madrid, six columns of demonstrators will arrive after having walked hundreds of kilometres from every corner of the country. These are: the Northern Column (Basque Country and La Rioja), the Northwestern Column (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, El Bierzo, León), the Northeastern Column (Catalonia, Navarra, Aragon), the East-South East Column (Valencia and Murcia), the Southern Column (Andalucía) and the Southwestern Column (Extremadura). All of these consist of tens and hundreds of comrades who march through dozens of towns and cities, thus raising the profile of the protest. In everyone of these cities and towns, the organisations involved in the organising platforms have helped provide logistical support and infrastructure to ensure the feeding of the marchers and, above all, to provide them with accommodation, mattresses, blankets, etc. In many cases the columns have been faced with boycott and rejection from several mayors of the right-wing Popular Party. They have refused to provide municipal sports centers or warehouses for the marchers to stay at and in some cases, like in Novelda (Alicante), the PP mayor prevented the column from entering the town altogether.
Apart from the six marches, hundreds of buses have been organised to transporter tens of thousands of people from all over the country to Madrid to participate in the main demonstration on March 22...

Selma James Speaks About CLR James

See Stuart Hall and CLR

And E.P. Thompson and CLR

Situation in the Ukraine

The laws which were passed on January 16th showed that the faction of the ruling class which now controls the government is ready to install a reactionary bourgeois dictatorship on the model of the Latin American regimes of the 1970s. The “dictatorship laws” criminalize any protest and limit the freedom of speech; also, they establish responsibility for “extremism”. Parliamentary mouthpieces of the class dictatorship of corrupted bureaucracy and monopolist bourgeoisie are the Party of Regions and the so called “Communist” Party of Ukraine which has long ago become a political force serving interests of capital. ---- The Ukrainian repressive system leans on the police apparatus and street gangs of pro-government stormtroopers. Sometimes such paramilitary structures are commanded by retired police officers.

Death squads are also in action. According to confirmed information, two people were kidnapped from a hospital and tortured. One of them died in a forest. Special forces use pinpoint firing against protesters, and not only from traumatic guns. One of the killed, according to a photo of his body, was shot in his heart. According to all indications he was a victim of a sniper. In the morning of January 23 the number of the killed constituted from 5 to 7 persons. And we don’t know the real scale of violence.

The ideology of the ruling regime is a mixture of Putin-style nationalism, conspiracy theories and conviction in their right, as elite, to rule over stupid populace. Groups of support to Berkut (the main riot police force) in social networks are full of anti-Semitic articles which claim that the opposition leaders are Jews and want to vitiate the people by legalizing same-sex marriages. This hardly differs from the rhetoric of Ukrainian right radicals.

Over the last days not only the far right confront the government, but also people of more moderate views. And they constitute the majority of the protesters. Many of them are indifferent to nationalism or negatively predisposed to it. Many of them don’t support integration into the EU. People go into the streets to protest against police violence. And a significant part of them is unenthusiastic or even skeptical about the clashes in the Grushevskogo street. Often one can hear that right radicals are a “Trojan horse” of Yanukovych and special services, designed to discredit the protest. Certainly there would be many more Kievites participating in the protests if there was a way to take those idiots useful to the government out of the streets. Top of their demands is to give them jobs in the Security Service of Ukraine after the “victorious revolution”.

Anarchists ought to participate in demonstrations and pickets which are dedicated to defense of the rights and freedoms usurped by the laws of January 16th. It makes sense to take action at one’s workplace or neighborhood and to help sabotage the dictatorship’s decisions. There’s not much sense in participating in the activities in Grushevskogo street, which were meaningless from the very beginning. These activities only give the government pretty picture for television and enable it to identify radical elements by locating mobile phones and videotaping.

In the case of the opposition’s victory, as well as in the case of the government’s victory we’ll have to wage long and hard war against any of those regimes. This should be understood. We need to gather forces in order to start dictating our own libertarian and proletarian agenda in Ukrainian politics.

No gods, no masters! No nations, no borders!

Autonomous Workers’ Union, Kiev local

A True Revolutionary

I just read the most wonderful story about the great French anarchist Louise Michel. As a member of the National Guard, the Commune's armed force, she was defending  one of the barricades during the attack on the Paris Commune by the counter-revolutionaries. They were heavily shelling one end of the barricade. Looking over in that direction, she saw a cat terrified and screaming as the shells burst around it. Risking her life, she rushed over the barricade and brought the cat to safety. SUCH WAS THE ACT OF A TRUE REVOLUTIONARY!

Story taken from:

Climate Change and Pascal’s Wager

(Been away for a long time - busy doing research and not much time to blog.)

If anthropogenic climate change exists and nothing is done to moderate it, you lose everything, you lose absolutely. (Some people claim human extinction, I wouldn't go so far, but it might be a ninety percent die-off)

If, on the other hand, anthropogenic climate change is not true, and yet we have changed our life styles as if it were true, you only lose relatively. You only lose the "shop-till-you drop" three car, McMansion North American consumer life-style. (Many of us would see that as a gain and not a loss,)

Therefore the better option is to consider anthropogenic climate change as real and act accordingly.